Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
As always, mine was hectic. 
Had 3 dinners to attend to, on top of driving home for 2 hours. 
It's always good to see family though. :)
Here's my Easter through pictures. 
Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos of any one. I always get so mad at myself for not doing this. 
Sometimes I feel awkward to taking photos, but eh, I'll get use to it. Especially when I have family of my own. :)

 I swear Gerber Daisies are the flowers I want for my wedding. They're so beautiful and colorful.
 My soon-to-be mother in law bought me this Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. I love her!
 My wonderful mom purchase this adorable Pandora bunny for Easter.
 Look at his little fluffy tail!
 She also bought me this Pandora present. She said she thought I would love it because of the bow on top, .. I do I do!
 Mr. Odie Dodie got a hold of my Chicken my fiance bought me for Easter. Oh my gosh it was so cute, I should have recorded him. Then he got defensive when someone took his friend away. SO cute!
 I made my Fiance and his mom Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Covered Strawberries and attempted to add white drizzle. Towards the end I think I got better.

Here's the Easter cupcakes I decided to make. All I did was use vanilla cake mix, buttercream frosting(my favorite), died coconut with green food coloring and topped with little Eggs. They were a hit!
 Here's a better photo. Also, please take notice of my Chick nails! I put them on for Easter, I had to!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

your Hello Kitty and cupcake photos are so adorable! I hope you had a happy easter!

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