Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend

I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! 
It was such a great kickoff to this summer. :)
Saturday we had the surprise birthday party for my fiance's grandmother. I'd like to share photos from that first.
You're probably wondering why the place didn't add my fiance's grandmothers name.. I wondered the same thing, but didn't get a chance to ask! :/
 Omg.. she had no idea and was really surprised. She was adorable. :)

 Homemade Banana Pound Cake, delicious!

Grilled hot dogs!

Hamburgers.. chicken legs.. ribs.. oh my. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Mr. Odie Dodie

Layers of Banana's!

Me and my Fiance.. happy as ever. :)

Laying out in the sun.. even though there was no sun. lol

Pinterest inspired nails. 

That was Sunday, we had a cook out and celebrated my fiance's grandmothers birthday. 
Tomorrow I will post about Memorial Day.
I just got home from work and I'm exhausted!

Morning workout. 
Doing Zumba and a Tighten and Tone class. Excited!

Thanks for reading!


*LO* said...

oh my gosh, can I just tell you i had the EXACT SAME NAILS but I did them for the GIANTS Superbowl :) right down to the glitter on the ring finger too! is the blue an essie nail color??

Schnelle said...

That bananna cake looks amazing! My MIL makes a bananna creme pie that you would love. Your nails came out great! I did the reverse colors on mine.

adthenshesmiled said...

I had so much grilled food this weekend, but your pictures make me want another grilled hotdog lol Great nails!

TheTinyHeart said...

Looks like she had a great time! All that food is making me SO hungry :)

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Mimi said...

haha, yeah, i was wondering where the name was. ;) but nevertheless, at least there was cake. :D

<3, Mimi
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