Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ross Haul - Shirts & Makeup

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was my birthday - 27 years old - eek! 
Nothing special happened on my birthday, I just worked and the fiance took me for dinner and we did some shopping. But this upcoming weekend we going away for a 3 day weekend, which I am super excited about. 
Since my dad & I's birthday falls around the same time (his the 8th, mine the 14th) we did a combine birthday celebration this past weekend. 
Living away from your family makes holidays/birthdays hard for me. I wish I was around them all the time, so it's times like this weekend that I truly appreciate. :) 
SO if you live near your family don't take it/them for granted!! 

Anyway, two weekends ago I went to Ross and picked up some things. 

Stripped top $5.99 and heart cardigan $16.99.

I have a slight obsession with eyeliners. I love different color eye liners and when you're adding glitter to them it's a whole different ball game. 
The LA Splash liquid glitter liners were $5.99 and the e.l.f. liners were $2.99. The e.l.f. liners are great because there is a pencil shopping attached right to the pencil!
   photo DSC02705_zpsb332ccff.jpg  photo DSC02708_zps0819c1ea.jpg 

Some of these glitter colors are amazing.. ok, all of them are! Look at the one to your left next to the black, it has dark grey glitter, silver, and some blue to it. It's a perfect topper to black eye liner. Oh and check out that teal color, it's the perfect summer color, and not to mention the gold one, it's perfect for right now. I can imagine it with a neutral eye shadow colors and then the pop of glitter. I need to try it out!
   photo DSC02711_zps7439646d.jpg 

You know, I have to say I was a little worried about the e.l.f. eye liners. I thought that because they're so cheap they wouldn't glide on smoothly and you'll end up stretching your skin out more than you should just to get a good color pay off. 

I was completely wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these went on my hand and the color pay off. Not to mention the colors are perfect for the fall.. purple, grey, gold! Also, just a side note, when I tried washing the swatches off of my hand, it was really really hard to get it off, so the eye liners wouldn't easily rub off. Another PLUS!
   photo DSC02712_zpsce597159.jpg  photo DSC02714_zps37e5767c.jpg 

Anyway, check out your local Ross, they have some real cute things in right now. I believe they're getting things in for the holidays so they're stocked up nicely.

Have a great night!