Thursday, July 24, 2014

Outlet Shopping: Forever 21 & Coach

Happy Thursday!

Last week Fiance & I went to some local outlets to do some shopping. 
I only had a hour to shop, I don't think I've ever shopped so quickly before and only need to return one thing. Haha. I only stopped at two stores: Forever 21 and the Coach outlet.

I was lucky enough to be there when both stores had sales. 
When I was at Coach everything was 50% off their lowest ticket. (My kind of sale). I didn't have any intentions on picking anything up, but ended up with these two items! 
Last year for our cruise I used a Coach wristlet similiar to this one pictured here. It was so easy to carry around! All I needed was my camera, room key and chapstick! 
Fiance and I's favorite colors are orange and pink (the colors of our wedding), so this wristlet definitely attracted me. Also, I picked up the banana keychain, it was too cute not too. Haha.

Everything pictured here is from Forever 21 and was 30% off their sale prices. I don't think I paid over $10 for anything. I picked up some work shirts and just regular "Weekend" tops.

Have a great night!


Holly said...

Super cute finds- I love outlet stores!