Monday, July 21, 2014

Work Day Office Outfits & Weekend Pictures

Happy Monday!

I have two outfits to share that I wore last week to work. 
My personal goal is to dress up a little more for work. I caught myself in a rut wearing the same 7 pairs of slacks over and over with the occasional dress thrown in. I figured since it's summer it's time to break out some of my skirts, and to be honest, they're more comfortable anyway!

Can I also just mention how difficult it is to take pictures of your outfit at work? I don't have a full length mirror any where so I opt for these weird angles to get the full outfit. Laugh at me, I know.

Necklace is from New York & Company. 

Blazer: JCPenney/Tank: Forever 21/Skirt: JCPenney/Flats: Target

Another issue I am having is incorporating more of my casual shirts into a more dressier way. When I wore this outfit we had a company picnic and I thought the gingham would be appropriate. I actually got quite a bit of compliments from this shirt and I was afraid to wear it because I thought it was too casual. 
 Shirt: JCPenney/Skirt: New York & Company/Flats: Target

This past weekend the fiance and I did some exploring in a new city. It was a completely random day where we woke up at 9 and just got dressed, didn't really cared what we looked like and had a random fun day. We went shopping at a farmer's market and I picked up blueberries(of course), grapes and a HUGE watermelon. Afterwards we went to see The Purge, SO good by the way!

If I knew how to cut up a pineapple I would have bought one!

I changed my chalkboard to a countdown to our cruise. We're so excited! :)

Have a great night!


Holly said...

Cute! I love that pink skirt!! One of the great things about teaching is the relatively casual dress code. I love pairing casual tops with slim fit trousers and a blazer- still professional but super comfy :)