Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How I Spent my Labor Day - OOTD & New Addition to Family

Happy Tuesday!

How nice was it to start your week on Tuesday instead of Monday? There's something about knowing that tomorrow is already Wednesday that makes this week a little less unbearable! :)

I wanted to do a longer post today, but the fiance and I came home later than usual because we went for a dinner and movie, and of course did some Target shopping. So I'm cutting this blog post a little short tonight. 

This was the quickest "Labor Day" outfit I could come up with. 
Scarf: Farmers Market in New Jersey/White tank: TJMaxx/Shorts: JCPenney

Love this scarf so much. Wish I had more reasons to wear it. 

Look at the new addition to my family's household!!! A Yorkie named Sweetie. 

This is seriously the best selfie I could get with Sweetie - there was dozens. It's not easy taking a selfie while holding a dog. Haha. 

The funniest of selfies.. I almost got him to give me a kiss - almost. 

  We ended our night back near our apartment with a great display of fireworks and a carnival. 

My mom & I did some shopping on Sunday and had lunch together (something we haven't done in SO long). It's so hard to balance your time when you live so far from home. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is. 

Anyway, it was such a nice and relaxing weekend I believe I slept for 30+ hours, something I really needed! :)

Guess what???? Tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday!

Have a great night!


Unknown said...

Hi Vanessa,

I really love your scarf! I love anchors, too. I have a ton of anchor scarves - I can't stop buying them! Sweetie is so cute, he's adorable! Glad you had a great time on the cruise. Thanks for sharing pics of your haul.