Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outfits I wore on our Norwegian Cruise

Happy Thursday!

I completely forgot about doing a post on the outfits I wore on our Norwegian Cruise in August. I purposely took pictures just to share on the blog and as I am going through all the photos (all 700+ of them) I realized I took outfit pictures. Haha. *Blogger problems*
Below are outfits I wore on the cruise:

Dress: Kohls/Shoes: Kohls/Watch: Michael Kors/Cropped Jacket: JCPenney

 Bikini: Victoria Secrets

Bathing Suit cover up: Bon-Ton

Skirt: Kohls/Black tank top:Walmart/Shoes: Kohls/Necklace:Rainbow/Watch: Michael Kors/Purse: Coach

This is a dress you can wear like 9 different ways but I opted for the traditional tube top
Dress: Long Beach Island/Purse: Coach/Watch:Michael Kors/Necklace: New York & CO

 As you can tell I wore my bikini a lot! 

Tank: Kohls/Shorts: TJMaxx/Watch: Michael Kors/Purse: Coach

 Watch: Michael Kors/Bracelet: Long Beach Island

Little towel frog! How cute!

 White Hot Party
Dress: Lauren Conrad/Shoes:Kohls
 Better picture of this dress, I love it so much. So comfortable!

Top: Ross/Shorts: Forever 21

Word of caution: The Bahamas and Florida get real HOT in August - I'm talking 90+ degrees! Prepare for hot weather. I thought I was prepared but I don't think I brought enough shorts and tank tops - not to mention bathing suits.

Anyway, have a great night. I am super excited tomorrow is finally Friday and there's a good possibility of me getting out of work early. I deserve it, it's been 11 hour days for me. If you don't already know I'm and Accountant and our company was going through an audit. If you ever went through an audit I'm sure you'd understand - it's a week from hellllll! 


Holly said...

I love you pink cover up and the white dress! Super cute