Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Planner Book

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today I'm sharing the wedding planner I purchased when I first knew I was finally going to start planning our wedding. I knew I couldn't possibly remember everything that goes into planning a wedding - even though Pinterest is a great help - I'd rather have it tangibly. 
The fiance and I went to Bam! a local bookstore where we live and looked at our selection. I knew I wanted a planner that was full of the big details and of all the little details! I'm a detail-oriented person so this was a must. I also wanted a planner I could write in and keep things in that I wouldn't lose. Basically I was planning on using the planner as my number one resource to all things for my wedding. 

The planner I decided to go with is simply titled "The Wedding Planner & Organizer" by Mindy Weiss. The cost of the planner is $28.95 but you can also find it on here on

I wasn't sure how I was going to do this post but I decided pictures would be best. Beware though I took a lot of pictures.

There are a lot of tabs that are filled with information!

For instance - The Big Picture - is all about your dream wedding - different contacts for your wedding and honeymoon. Along with a planner for a long or short engagement.

Included in each tab are folders to put in papers. I found this useful for when I went to bridal expos and you're given all this paperwork!

Long engagement week by week planner. 

It even goes right down to the day!

This budget worksheet is also very helpful. It really helps you see what you're spending and on what!

There's also a large section for your guest list and whether or not they RSVP or can't go. 

More tabs.

 Talks about the pros and cons of buffet or sit down meals.

More tabs.

I would have never thought of the rentals. This breaks down all your rentals and contact information for where you rented and when they need to be returned!

In the very back of the planner is a place for business cards and just a place to put things you can't fit into a planner. 

Did you use a wedding planner book for your wedding? How did you keep track of everything?