Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

One day down, four more to go. I'm pretty excited about this upcoming weekend. So needless to say, I'm counting down the work week, although when don't I? hehe
Today I'm doing a little weekend recap. We stayed in again, for the third weekend in a row - I am not complaining - it's well needed and deserved. We have been going in every weekend in the summer or going somewhere so taking a couple weekends off has been good to us, and for our apartment - I've done a lot of cleaning. But I am also looking forward to this upcoming weekend. :)

Fiance's brother came down to visit and we went for a walk. We live right across the street from the levy and it's so beautiful at night. I swear I can never get sick of this view. 

I was putting things away and stumbled upon this little gem. I bought it at Target in those dollar bins. Is now the wrong time of year for me to try to even grow this? 

I ordered this online and it came on Saturday! More on this in another post. 

Sunday: We stayed in all day Saturday that I needed to get out for just a little while on Sunday. So I went out and did some shopping. This is just a sneak peak of my purchases.

OOTD. Of course I needed to sport my Eagles shirt for game day. Too bad we lost. :(

How precious is this? It was at our local K-Mart and they just had some displays. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock, but I scoped it out online and it's on sale for $17. This is something I'll be putting under our tree this year once I purchase it. 

I also did some fall/Halloween decorating and a couple of Pinterest projects I'll be sharing this week. 

Remember this owl from this post. This is what it looks like with a candle in it. It's so cute! 

How was your weekend?