Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ulta Haul: Naked on the Run, Smashbox, Tarte & More!

Happy Tuesday!

Last weekend I decided to use my 20% off my entire purchase coupon for Ulta. 
I was excited to use it because this 20% off coupon included prestige brands and I've really been wanting the Naked on the Run. I also had $11 off my purchase because of my points balance so I decided to use that on my purchase as well. 

I have been wanting this brush forever! I finally decided to just do it. It's the Tarte Slenderizer, it's a contouring brush. I thought this would be helpful when I'm trying to contour my makeup. 

Can we just take a moment and marvel in this brush's beauty?
Just a moment. 

I love the angle of this brush and it's going to be perfect for my cheeks. 

I also picked up some of NYX's Halloween lashes. I plan on using the ones on the left New Years Eve. 

These two items are just repeats, I needed another liquid liner, and needed more concealer. I cannot break my habit of this concealer, I love it so much!

I seem to break out a lot, so I thought this NYX Wonder Pencil Concealer would be worth a try. Plus it was super cheap so I figured why not? I thought maybe a pencil would be more precise in covering up blemishes then a fluffy brush!

I travel a lot from home & my families house, and going different places so I'm giving this Smashbox travel brush set a try. It was on clearance for $8.97! I don't know what the brush on the right does, does anyone?!

 And last, but certainly not least, is the Naked on the Run. 
I'm justifying this $54 purchase because I know I'm on the road a lot and going different places and I love how this has neutral shadows in it, blushes, lip gloss, eye liner AND mascara. I literally will not need to bring anything but this palette. My fiance & I are heading to Philadelphia to celebrate New Years Eve tomorrow so I am going to test this palette out and will report back!

Have you made any recent make up purchases?