Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap: Office Holiday Party and Christmas Crafts

Happy Monday!

Is any one else getting hit with snow the next two days? 
We're expected to be hit with 3-6 inches of snow within the next two days here in Pennsylvania. Guess who brought their laptop home with them to work from home? Guess who's hoping it will actually snow? This girl right here! Haha


Friday was an emotional day for me, I don't want to discuss it but I'm still upset about it. I'm trying to get passed it. Friday was my holiday office party at work. I don't know how I made it to it, but I did. My fiance got dressed in his suit and forced me to get ready as well. And I'm glad he did, I needed a night out.

This is literally the best photo I have of us, after the holiday party and at Red Lobster. Ugh

I typically like to get the seaside trio but I just wasn't up for it. I got popcorn shrimp and scampi.


Saturday was very low key for me. I stayed in the apartment and caught up on YouTube videos, something I haven't done in a while. 

I also need to use this Sephora coupon. Still deciding what to get! Any suggestions?

Saturday night when my fiance came home from work we cooked dinner and watched a movie, and while doing that I decorated our gingerbread houses. 


Another day I stayed in all day. It's just what I needed. 
I decorated the chalkboard for Christmas.  

I took pictures for my upcoming Black Friday haul. 

While I was going through some of my stuff I stumbled upon these two birds I picked up at Target a while back. They were $5 each. 

Sunday night I made more of my Christmas cards for people. This one is for my fiance. I am pretty proud of this one. I even made it into 3D which isn't clear in the picture but I'll be doing a separate post about my Christmas cards. 
Have a great night!