Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Roundup - Ciate's Mini Manor Mani Days 1-6

Happy Saturday!

 I will do a weekly round up of my manicures for Ciate's Mini Manor Mani. Today I am sharing days 
1 through 6. 
As you may know or may not know, I did already open each day prior to December 1. I just couldn't help it, plus I wanted to review it for you guys! You can see that post here

Day 1 was a pretty pink color - Kiss Chase. 

Day 2:
Cha Cha Cha 

Day 3: 
 Meet me in Mayfair
I don't own any feather glitter and I got a lot of compliments on this glitter.  
 I paired the glitter with OPI's Feeling Very Cherry which is a dark red/purple color. I got it in an Ipsy's glam bag.

Day 4:
Girl with a pearl. 
I can think of so many different looks with the pearls. But because I work I went with a more neutral look. I paired it with OPI's Alpine Snow for a more subtle look.  

Day 5: 
This is definitely a unique red. Instead of just being a red color, there was gold glitter mixed in. It was the perfect color to wear to my holiday office party.  

Day 6:
Ivory Queen
This was a repeat from last years mini mani kit. It's not my favorite, but good for a plain nail.  

I was asked to make up a Christmas list and I am really having a hard time. I don't know what to ask for! Does any one else have this problem? 

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Have a great Saturday!


Holly said...

I love the pearl!! So pretty :)