Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Recap: Extended Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Monday!

It truly is a happy Monday, especially when everyone is having sales! Who doesn't love sales?
I had such an amazing weekend. Works cannot even begin to describe how wonderful my weekend was, so I am going to let pictures do the talking. 

I woke up to about 3 inches of snow outside, and my parent's dog dressed up in a snowman sweater. So I just had to take him for a walk, he looked so cute. 

This occasion also called for my Hunter boots to come out.  

My mom & I were making my no sew Charlie Brown blanket when Sweetie (my parents dog) started to lay on it. 

That night I also played around with my Too Faced palette.

Took a bath with my pumpkin Lush bath bomb. 


My outfit for the day:
Ebay blanket scarf(look forward to a giveaway with this exact scarf coming up this week!), Kohls jacket, JCPenney jeans and Target boots. 

Turkey in the oven. Delicious!

I can't get enough of this guy!

Thursday as I am trying to look at ads he just jumps up and plops on the papers. 


My oh-so-comfortable outfit for shopping:
Victoria Secrets Most Loved Yoga pants, North Face jacket, LBI hoodie.  

I bought flannel from Joann to make a blanket scarf. 


My outfit to get my hair done and hang out with the besties. 
Ross sweater, ross jeans, and Tory Burch Reva flats. 

I went back to Joann that morning because the no-sew kit my mom wanted was 60% off and fleece was 70% off. 

I purchased this outfit from Old Navy, more on this another time. 

Hair did... :)

Later that night I decided to decorate my pink tree at home, something I haven't done in two years. It was fun. 


We went to a couple of stores and then headed home. But one of the stores we went to was Big Lots and I took some pictures of ornaments I'd like to make.  

Have a great night!


Peyton Brown said...

Love the jacket you wore with your blanket scarf!!!

Peyton Brown said...

Love the jacket you wore with the blanket scarf!!!

Holly said...

This looks like such a good weekend! I love your thanksgiving outfit! And that pup is so cute!! ❤️ I hope you share the ornaments you end up making!