Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: My Birthday Weekend

Happy Monday!

Today was a long day at work 7:30-6:30. :( It's so nice to sit down and relax. 
Plus I'm excited to share some snap shots from my birthday weekend. My birthday was on October 14th, officially my last year in my 20's!


As you can tell I caught the hubby off-guard.  We're off to Philadelphia! I swear we travel there all the time.

We stopped at a really good diner we like and had a quick bite to eat and our favorite dessert, some good old fashioned rice pudding. 

Once we got to Philadelphia we headed to the Lush store because they are having a soft launch of their Christmas items right now. And if you check online a lot of their Christmas items are already sold out. So go get you some!!!

So of course I picked up a bunch of stuff... Video coming soon!

I picked up my favorite smoothie while we were in the mall - California Sensation. MmMmM. 

Of course as soon as we got to the hotel I had to try one of the bath bombs. The one I'm using here is Father Christmas which is still available online for only $6.40. I loved it so much I went back the next day and purchased another. This smells SO amazing. 

You would think it would turn your bath tub a red color - nope. The inside was a deep green!!! 


Saturday we planned on going to King of Prussia and then to Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. 

This is my CRAZY hair as I'm getting ready. It's so hard to manage, I'm sick of it! Not to mention I forgot my shampoo and conditioner so I was stuck using the hotels brand and it was a crappy one.  

Of course I stopped into Sephora while I was there. What? I had to pick up my birthday gift and well - a few other items on my wish list. On my hand here I swatched the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette which you can pick up here  for only $59! I swatched a couple of the shadows and ladies, this is just one swipe of color! The colors in these palette are absolutely AMAZING! I love that the neutral/highlight colors are in the center and you have fun colors around that. Absolutely gorgeous. And when I was there I picked up the last palette so it is selling out quickly! 

This is my oh-so-trendy outfit for Terror Behind the Walls. 
Shirt: Old Navy/Skull Scarf: eBay/Leggings: Victoria Secrets/Leg Warmers: Ugg/Boots: Uggs

If you've never been to Terror Behind the Walls and you live near Philly - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Unless you're not into that type of thing, but it's definitely something I think everyone should experience! 
The reason for the necklace and red X's on our faces is because before you go into the prison you have to make a choice - you can walk through without being touched or "taken" or you can opt in for the ultimate experience. We do it every year and we just love it. But I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. I just thoroughly enjoy it. But then again, I love all things scary. :)
 I even got a kiss at the end of the night. :)


I may or may not have made my first ever Kate Spade purchase at age 29, and no it isn't this dice cube. But isn't it cute?!?!  

Have a great night!