Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Day 4 in Negril Jamaica, Couples Resort

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today's post will mainly consist of pictures, I am busy prepping for this upcoming Labor Day weekend. 
Click on the following links to see other days from our honeymoon:

Just another day enjoying the beach. I brought out my crotchet cover up from Marshalls and got a ton of compliments on it. Who would have thought? It was only $24.99 too! 

My hubby just stylin'. He got his fedora from the local craft market in Jamaica. He's sporting his new Ray Bans that he got on clearance. He loves them. I love this picture of him, this is my true hubby. :)

I completely forgot to pack SPF for us (give me a break, I packed the day after our wedding) so we had to purchase some there... $25.50 US dollars later! 

As we were eating lunch this bird sat near us. 

Lunch at the buffet. All of the fruit on the table is locally grown. 

Tapioca pudding in a coconut!

Every day we would get an itinerary for the following day. Similar to the cruises we've been on. I really enjoyed that because we would plan out our days. 

Sunset on our balcony. 

This night we were patiently waiting for our scheduled night time snorkeling, but they ended up canceling it because of choppy water. 

The night ended up to be amazing though because we went to their beach party. The food and entertainment was amazing. Plus we met an amazing couple who were also newly weds. 

It was a fun night and a fun day. 
No problem and no worries. :)

Have a great night!