Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite Product of the Month, NYX Swatches, HIP Swatches, Outfit of the Day

I hope to do more of these, and tell me what you think. I just wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite product of the month. I use an Acne cleanser for my face for the morning and at night, but I felt like it wasn't really deep cleaning my skin, so I wanted to try something with a little bit of more consistency and that exfoliates. The acne cleanser I'm using now does have those little balls(lol) that kind of deep clean, but not really. So when I was at Wal-Mart I decided to check out other cleansers, and since I'm on a strict budget now with my new vehicle, I thought I'd look for something affordable. So I saw this, it's by Dove, and it's an exfoliator. I've been using this for about more than a week now, once a day, and I've noticed my skin being a lot softer, and cleaner, and I haven't had a break out yet. And I'm extremely sensitive to breakouts with products!

First of all, here's my YouTube Video of it:



See the little "blue balls" exfoliators???... hehe


Rating: 4/5 (only because I've only been using it for a week or so)


I also went to Ulta because I had a coupon $3.50 off a $10 purchase and today was the last day, so I had to go. Unfortunately, they were all out of the Stila for Barbie collection. I want that palette!! So I ended up getting these:




I'm actually really surprised at the pigmentation of the Loreal Hip line.. ah-mazing, the color pay off is great!


I'm not a huge purple fan, but for some reason this season, I find myself wanting to wear purple.. weird, I know. And I love this color!



I also picked up some nail art...


And a ring... $2.00!!



And here's an outfit I wore the other day I wanted to post, but forgot about... it's a Cardigan from Macy's, a long tank from Forever 21, and Black leggings(unknown), and a scarf from my previous haul...


I'm in desperate need of an outfit for my birthday and can't seem to find anything I like... :(


Carolina Belle said...

Thanks for the review, Dove products are hit and miss with my skin. I love your glasses, maybe I should wear mine more often.

lindah said...

the purple nyx shadow reminds me of the one in my graphic garden palette or the urban decay deluxe one! and I gotta exfoliate my skin tonight.. I've been slacking on my skincare and can't find half of the items I normally use! :(