Friday, September 11, 2009

Purses, Shoes, Clothing Haul, Fall Outfit Ideas

Hello! I don't know about anyone else, but I am jammed with school work, and work. I go to school full time, and I also work full time.... and I have a full time boyfriend. lol JK(Love you John!) But ya, so I apologize for the lack of updates. :(

But anyway, I wanted to share with you girls some new things I've gotten since we last spoke... As you know I ordered the boots and the purse from Victoria Secrets.. unfortunately, I didn't even take any pictures of the boots, they're already packaged up and ready to return... they're DEFECTIVE!! $158 boots... defective... umm... hello?? lol So I'm keeping the beautiful Guess purse...





I also bought me some new boots... and some new flats...



My new studded flats and purse.. <3


New boots by Fergie... Oh my goodness, these boots are unbelievably comfortable... They're black, but my camera kind of washed the color out...




Those boots are more beautiful than my Victoria Secrets ones.. :) And boxed nicer too! The box of the Vicki's ones are like a cheap cardboard... ew..


So I thought I'd try something new.. whenever I buy something I want to make sure I can do different outfit ideas with it, and if I can't do any outfits at all with what I buy, I'm not going to keep it... maybe this will help me better organize my closet, and it'll also help me with different outfits I could wear... if that makes any sense at all.. and guess what? You girls get to be the judge of my outfit ideas hahaa.....

So with this, I bought this floral skirt just recently and decided to try to do different outfit ideas...

Just the skirt with a plain black tank, tank tucked in


I decided to try to add a belt to change the look


Then for fall I thought it would look nice with a plain cardigan.. too bad I don't have a nice blue/pink cardigan to go with the floral....

Unbuttoned Cardigan




With cardigan unbuttoned w/ belt


Cardigan buttoned with belt over


Outfit all-together with leggings and I'd pair it with my black Uggs



A top I bought that I thought was sooo cute... with a bow on it... :)


I paired it with a pencil skirt...


I'd probably pair it with my tweed boots...(not pictured)


I hope this helped you girls with different outfit ideas you can do with a skirt... or maybe you should try this... it really helps with when you go to decide what you want to wear that day.. you can remember this and it'll be easier to get ready in the morning...


Yummy said...

Love your cute haul! I love the boots , the purse, and the cute bow tie blouse. Where did you get that blouse? Thanks for the ideas!!

lindah said...

I need to go exchange my boots! I don't like the black ones I got.. I'm thinking about RED ones, what do you think? :) and I need a cardigan for the winter time! I can't seem to find an affordable, nice looking one lol :D I loveee your yellow top btw ;)

Vanessa M. said...

cute! whered you get the shoes?

KRYSTAL said...

omg i LOVE your studded flats and guess bag!! they look so good together!

Rai said...

Sucks about the boots. I love that bag and those flats are too cute.

I like the outfit with the cardigan, especially buttoned up. :)

Hope you check out my new giveaway. =D

Sassy J'adore said...

Love the Fall outfit ideas. =)
I really like the studs detailing on the Guess bag. I'm really into the Rock chic look for Fall. Too bad I can't wear that look to work. lol.

Regarding recieving my blog updates, I think you should re-follow me. I re-followed you, yet sometimes I still don't get some of your updates. =(

*~kAy~* said...

i really like your floral skirt :)
especially with your buttoned up cardigan :)

sorry to hear that your VS boots were defective :( what happened?? :O
atleast its nice to know that your Fergie ones are great! they really look great too! <3

eki said...

ohh cute haul!! like that skirt you are wearing! :)

unfortunately for us American residents its rare to find Japanese online store that ship out internationally :(

Im always eyeing and wishing that I could purchase them... >_<

Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

hey girl i want to let you know I'm selling my Juicy Couture Baby Tote bag! let me know if your interested!