Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hard Candy Make Up Review and Swatches

Went to my local Wal-Mart supercenter and decided to check out this Hard Candy line. I never had the opportunity to try it when the company was with Sephora, because I only recently got into make up. I've been reading a lot of good reviews on it, so I thought why not pick up some stuff for myself... :D

I only picked up 2 things. Although I did want to pick up more, I couldn't, I spent too much on my costume.. lol.. $60 for a costume is a bit insane. So anyway, I picked up a Lip Shine, and Baked Blush.. and I am very happy with both of them...

Lip Shine was $6.00 in Exotic, and the Baked Blush is $7.00 in Honeymoon. The packaging on these items are super cute, and they're of good quality. I really like the blush packaging, it's so cute.



Applicator: Like your typical applicator, not very sticky either, to me it seemed smooth..


I thought it was going to be a darker red, but thankfully it wasn't I don't like anything too dark on my lips...


I absolutely LOVE this...


The color pay off is AH-mazing..this is a picture with just one swipe... this will be perfect alone or over a blush that may be too dark, or it'll just give you a new dewy look.. I love it..


Anyway, has anyone else tried out this brand??? I'd like to try out more of it, but not yet...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Organized some of my Accessories

Today was a day off for me, so I did a new YouTube Video and also organized some of my accessories... well, jewelry. I've been wanting to do this forever now, and I finally just did it.. haha... It's not done, and I'm not completely happy with it. So let's just say it's Under Construction. But I thought I'd share my progress so far. I still have an armoire of jewelry and 3 little totes of jewelry I have to figure out what to do with.. haha.. But for now, I like the way it came out, atleast until I find time to do more of it..

This is what it looks right from afar...


This is the right hand-side. The martini glass holds some of my rings, the big flower holds some of my earrings, and the black little holder holds like 3 bangles, but it looks vintage so I kept it there... :)


This little thing holds random things. I have some earrings on this one, some bow hair clips, and other hair clips on it, a lot of my black/silver rings are also on this, and more bangles, it's a versatile holder, I like it.


A better picture of the earring holder, and my black bangle holder. I also put one of my favorite hair clips on the stand as well, that's that big shiny thing you see haha, I also have a bangle in the background, and also some cupcake candles..


And this lady holds all of my dainty necklaces, that aren't long, and ones that have a lot of meaning to me... maybe I should do a jewelry collection entry haha.


Anyway, just wanted to share, hopefully you'll get some tips from it, or maybe you can give me tips...

I also ordered my costume for Halloween, I'm being a nurse, and John's being a doctor...

Hopefully I get it by Halloween, I'm a little late, but that's okay. I have to pick up thigh highs yet, but I'll do that later this week when I have more time... anyway, ttyl!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 Outfit of the Day YouTube Videos, and Forever 21 haul!

I uploaded 3 new YouTube Videos so I thought I'd share...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Part 1 of 3 Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Victoria Secret Haul

Hello! So I finally have time to blog! :) I went to King of Prussia with my boyfriend yesterday for my birthday and I wanted to share what I got. I decided to split this up into 3 separate parts so it's not so overwhelming with pictures. First of all my birthday was fabulous! As you know, I got myself a new car, and I'm going to wait on telling you what it is until I talk pictures and stuff. It's beautiful! :D So that was like a birthday present to myself, and that's where a lot of my money has been going and my time... but anyway, that's why I haven't been able to haul a lot lately, but I did save up cash and thanks to the boyfriend for giving me a substantial amount of money for shopping I was able to get everything I wanted, and more... :) <3 him!

So anyway, I miss you girls, and I'm sorry for the lack of comments and such, I promise I'll have more time now. :D

I guess we can start off with my haul from Victoria Secrets. It's a small haul, because unfortunately everything I did order was on back order... grrr. So I'm still waiting on them to come... But I did manage to get this beautiful hoodie. I set my eyes on it, and it was love at first site


Details of the back




Also they have like this whole collection of cupcake undies. I really should have bought 5 for $25 but I feel like I have so many panties, I don't need any more, but when I saw this one... it was love...


Gosh, Vicki's, you're making me broke!

My one friend I work with was wearing these adorable flats with ruffles on them, and I asked her where she got them from, and lo-and-behold, Payless! I haven't been to Payless in years! I completely forgot about that place!! haha. So of course, I had to get them, and plus they were on sale!!!


This pictures makes them look grey, but they're actually black... grr@camera


I also headed to Wet Seal, I got a ton of stuff from there, so I'm not posting everything, I'll do it in another part post... but here are some stuff I did get...

Adorable ruffle belt... too cute for words, they have it in white also!


Close up...


Also got this loooong shrug/vest/cardigan, whatever you wanna call it... Can't really see it well..


FINALLY, a pair of sweater boots!!


Or folded down


A long grey cardigan, a staple in your wardrobe!


The dress I'm wearing out this saturday night for my birthday party...


I haven't decided how I wanna wear it yet, but I was thinking with my leather coat... We'll see, I'll do different outfit variations, take pics, and then decide, I'm such a loser..


I absolutely love this, it was super cheap, and it's so comfy


These are just long boyfriend-fit tees...

and black

Gorgeous flower ring



This necklace was only .99!


I also went to Charlotte Russe... I also have more from there, but I'll do it in other part post..

Long tunic, actually looks cute on, most of the long tunics banded at the bottom look stupid on me, and I don't even bother trying them, but this one looks cute!


Long navy sweater dress


This shirt was on clearance for $4.99!


This sweater dress was on clearance for $4.99 as well!!


Sweet deals!!

I love this belt


Cute.. for $2.99 each


Heart ring


Earrings I'll wear with my dress this saturday


Ok that's it for Part 1, Hope I didn't slow down your computer too much! lol.. Hopefully part 2 tomorrow WITH video!

HUGE haul coming...

Hey everyone!! I feel like I'm out of the loop on everything!! I've been sick these past couple of days, but yesterday was my birthday, and of course I have a huge haul to share.... :D Hopefully tomorrow or today I'll do it. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wish List Forever 21

This upcoming Wednesday(the 14th) is my birthday, and the boyfriend and I are going to take a drive to the mall. :) So I decided to make a little wish list of things I want when I'm down there, hopefully it'll remind me of stuff. Does anyone else do this? haha, or am I just insane? haha

From Forever 21..

Sequin Tank $22.80(I'd wear this with black sweat pants and a cute zebra print hoodie or a black/white hoodie, or to dress it up I'd wear black dress pants with a boyfriend fit blazer, or I would do skinny jeans and a boyfriend fit blazer)

Sequin Hem Tank $14.80 (I'd wear this with jeans and a hoodie, or under a nice button down dress shirt)

Ruffle Satin Top $14.80 (I'd wear this with so many things, pencil skirt tucked in, or tucked out, skinny pants to dress it up, or skinny pants with riding boots, so many options with this kind of shirt, and it's timeless so it'll never go out of style!)

Satin Tunic $14.50 (This is so cute and timeless as well, wear it with leggings or dark skinny jeans, it would be so adorable)

Lace Top$19.80 (This is from their Twist line, this would be so cute with just leggings, or black skinny jeans, or dress pants)

Boyfriend Tee $13.80 (I like this so much I need it in both colors)

Snoopy Tee $18.90 (A little over priced for a tee, but because I love Snoopy so much, I need this tee as well, but I'd wear this with skinny jeans and a hoodie, or even a boyfriend blazer. You could also wear it with a skirt with the shirt tucked it to make it dressy.)

Bow Lace Top $19.80 (So cute! Definitely wear it for work with a pencil skirt tucked in or out, or with black dress pants, love!)

Lace Bow Tank $13.80 (I just need this, no explanation necessary~!)

Pleated Tank $19.80 (Too cute for skirts and a blazer)

Woven Shirt with Belt $19.80 (Brown tights and riding boots)

Polka Dot Shirt $17.80

Halter Tunic $22.80(So cute for going out, wear it with leggings or dark skinny jeans and some hot shoes and accessories!)

Crepe Dress $24.80

Button Front Dress $19.80 (I don't know how I'd wear this, but I love it, hmm maybe black leggings and a blazer of some color and boots)

Ruffle Tube Top Dress $19.80 (I'd so wear this going out with a stud belt and some cute boots)

Sweater Ruffle Cardigan $19.80 (So adorable with a nice tank under neath and skinny jeans or Ohhh a cute pencil skirt with a lace tank underneath! :)

Ruffle front zipper sweater $19.80

Military Wool Coat $44.80

Knit Moto Jacket $14.80 (A steal!! So in right now)

Caplet Jacket $34.80

Tweed Mini $17.80

Houndstooth Skirt $14.80

Skirt with belt $17.80

and so much more *sighs* ....
Can't wait!!!