Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Secret Love: Amigurumi's

This past year I taught myself how to crochet these adorable stuffed amigurumi's and I'm pretty obsessed. Until now I've been using other people's patterns. So this one I created on my own. They're two little ornaments. The green ones name is John, and the red one's name is Vanessa. :) I'm a dork, I know. And if you'd like me to make you a pair, in any color you like, please contact me I'd love to make them for you!! Inquire for a price, it'll be cheap!!




vanilla said...

awww too cute !
too bad i dont have christmas tree to hang them on !:P

lindah said...

SUPER CUTE! :) I need to pick up on a productive hobby.. My shopping hobby is becoming expensive because I see myself buying expensiver brands now! T_T I'm so sad... xD

Unknown said...

OMG cuteness. Was it hard to make?