Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wet Seal Haul

Here's a continuation of my haul from yesterday. Today I'm doing a haul from Wet Seal. It's a very tiny haul, but definitely worth showing. When I went there their clearance was an additional 70% off!! Unfortunately everything was practically picked over, so I didn't score any good deals. But I did end up with accessories and a dress!!





I hope to do another part of my haul tomorrow. But the boyfriend and I are staying in on New Years, cooking spaghetti, playing Monopoly and planning our New Years Resolutions! :) What is everyone else doing????

Did anyone else know that Victoria Secrets is having their semi-annual sale this Saturday???? I'm definitely going!! Can't wait!!


Angela said...

Hello sweetie! It's been a while and I'm back. I hope all is well and have a Happy New Year! xoxo

Rai said...

I knew about the VS sale, but I didn't get anything. And Bath & Body Works is having one as well.

I ordered some tops from Wet Seal. I'm still waiting for them to come. =D

- - aika - - said...

love the necklace

lindah said...

oooh the rose ring (?) is cute! :) I went to wet seal the other day.. I was like.. too pink on that side... and too much sparkle on the other.. BYE! :D haha, I seriously walked in turned in a circle and left. I think I'm too into dark clothing! :( I need to brighten up this spring :D

kalai said...

i love the necklace~~ i've been wanting something like that~ but havent found one here yet~~ xx