Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Juicy Couture Handbag, I spurlged.

The boyfriend and I decided to go to Lehigh Valley Mall today, so I could exchange a few things I got for Christmas and I got a ton of gift cards so I thought I'd do a little bit of shopping. =) I'll show the rest of the stuff I got another day....

But for today, because I am so excited about this purchase I had to post tonite! LOL The boyfriend and I went to Macy's because I had a gift card for there so I decided to just look around. I never really shop at Macy's because some of their stuff is over-priced. But today I decided to look around, and low-and-behold I discovered they had a little Juicy Couture section. Mostly consisted of handbags and wallets, and headbands. Nothing great, until I stumbled upon this wonderful daydreamer handbag! I originally thought it was 30% off because there was a sign stating it was, well, when the girl rang it up, it wasn't and she was so snotty about the whole thing I wasn't going to buy the purse, but I'm not going to let a snotty cashier ruin my wonderful transaction of purchasing a Juicy Couture bag. I ended up only having to pay $30 after I used my gift cards!! WHAT A STEAL! My boyfriend was so proud. :) Anyway, enough of my ranting here's some pictures of it.






I hope to do the rest of my haul tomorrow.. =) Anyone else do some after-Christmas shopping damage????


Unknown said...

ooooohhh that bag is too cute! I didn't know Macy's sold Juicy bags!!

Kelly said...

Like it!! I want one :)

*~kAy~* said...

I love Juicy! <3
Cute choice! <3

Unknown said...

OMGAH, lucky!!!! I'm definitely gonna be checking my local Macy's. I love Juicy. Viva La Juicy is my fave perfume! ♥


lindah said...

I love the charm on that one! :) IT's so prettttty!!

K said...

aww so cute!!
and what a deal~~ haha lucky you ;p


the teacher said...

i absoutly love this!! i saw it the other day on display, its GORGROUS!! the hot pink and black look amazing... glad you picked it up girl!