Monday, December 7, 2009

Over the Knee Boots Chinese Laundry

I'm absolutely in love with these boots... By Chinese Laundry $100 Tripin, in brown.

Dear Santa,
Please bring me these boots! They're beautiful!!


Angela Pluck said...

Heeeeelllloo!! How are you sweetie? Anyways, those are cute I hope you get them :D.


lindah said...

these are cute :D But I prefer black anything.. brown doesn't go with my wardrobe! :(

And I did okay, just not GOOD ENOUGH for actually studying for it! I probably bubbled wrong because I always do that so it SUCKS.. but I was in a rush to get the eff outta there! LOL

vanilla said...

if im not mistaken i think i have this one in grey or black!its still in the US so i forgot which one i have

noone said...

niceeeee! I've been dying to get a pair of over the knee black boots but my bf says they're too hookerish!! :(

lindah said...

SAME! I always want to venture our from the blacks, but then I might end up regretting it because I won't wear them :( BOO! But good news, I ordered some boots from amiclubwear and they're coming Monday! :D I'm excited