Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Necklaces I'm Loving, Holiday Necklaces.

Girls/Guys, I'm officially done with finals!! I am finally FREE! Now I can get back to my regular grind of blogging and YouTub-ing. :) I haven't updates my YouTube account in so long, but tomorrow I will, I promise!!

So has anyone else noticed how cute necklaces are lately??? With all the lace, ribbon, pearls, and chiffon??? I'm loving it! I decided to dedicate a post to just some cute necklace that are out there that you can get for a good price... I'm even thinking of making some... maybe... lol

So this one is from Forever 21 and is a bit much, something I would wear with a very basic top... maybe a plain button up white or black with a skirt for the holidays... I'm loving it though... And it's only $12.80

This one is from Forever 21 as well and is a bit more subtle then the last one, comes in ivory or black and is only $8.80!

This one is from Forever 21 as well... I love the chiffon flowers on the pearls, so adorable! $14.80 Comes in ivory or black


Another one from Forever 21 I like... it's $14.80, it's very basic but with chiffon... you can pile another set of pearls with this or leave it as it...

Ohhh I love love this one with the chain detailing... it's so cute and could look very Chanel??? It's only $8.80!

This is another necklace I would probably wear with a very basic shirt, but yet could be a statement piece... love the green color $12.80

AND black

This one is really great to.. something I'd like to try making... it seems basic enough... but if you want to purchase it... it's only $5.80!

Ohhhhh I'm loving this one... it's so pretty!! Would be perfect with a tube top dress and some heels... ohhh <3 it! lol... It's only $12.80!


Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous necklaces. My favorite is the first one. =)

lindah said...

I'm loving the first one and the one with the chiffon roses! ^_^ They're very cute :)