Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale

I'm sure you already know the Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale started today. And I'm sure you also know I got up super early to go. I got a ton of great buys and if you haven't already went, I think you should get your butts there! First I wanted to share with you guys my favorite buy of the day, which is something I'm super excited about, and another day I'll share the other great buys I got...

As most of you know, well from my photos, I have a pink luggage set by Pierre Cardin(sp?), and it's kind of big and bulky... (I also have a bigger pink one not pictured)

So what I'm getting at is, it's hard to constantly lug around such big suitcases for 2 night or 1 night trips... so as I was browsing the racks of Victoria Secrets, I look down and see this wonderful duffle/rolling suit case just sitting there. It peaked my interest and I looked down to see if it was actually on clearance... score! It was... not only was it one suitcase, it was 3 for a whopping $79.99. Marked down from $150.. score!! I grabbed it as it was the only one... It's gorgeous and it'll be great for a few night trips...

Low and behold is the beauty... Did you need to read all that? No, but it was entertaining to see how excited I get about shopping. lol.


Standing so pretty.


To push up the handle it has an adorable pink dog.. :)


What? MORE?

The inside of the big duffle bag even has compartments, not 1, not 2, but 3!



They did not miss any detailing on this luggage set, look at the zipper..


This one is called "The Overnight Bag"


Does this one have compartments? Well by golly it does!


Last but not least... the cosmetic bag, which I wasn't too thrilled about because I remember getting these free at one time...


But what I didn't realize.. was the inside lining had that protective clear lining..


Ladies and gentlemen... my new luggage set. :)



Ana said...

omg its sooooo cute i love it! i am obsessed with vs pink i should be there right now lol im actually thinking of going right now.... hmm lol did you buy anything else?

Cupcake Couture said...

@Ana... you should be there now! haha. Ya, I bought a bunch of other things. I hope to post more things tomorrow.

Erica said...

Love those bags, especially since I love pink so much!

johnmillerm said...

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Schnelle said...

cute! i tend to over pack no matter how much i try so i always end up using at least my medium sized rolling luggage