Thursday, August 5, 2010

Engagement Party & New Bedding

My parents and John's parents are throwing us an engagement party. And we decided to make it "beach themed" since we got engaged at the beach. Makes sense right? So anyway, I've been doing so much planning and doing some much research on different ideas for the decorations that I decided I wanted to share all my plans. I already bought so much, and for my centerpieces on having bowls with seashells, blue pebbles, sand and a candle in the center, and surrounding the bowls I'm having sand and seashells around it, and I came across this great idea when searching and thought I could do the same... I don't take credit for this, I'm merely copying... lol


So, with my seashells I did it with nail polish and I bought a bunch of seashells from Big Lots for $4.00. I used the biggest ones for our names and the little ones for the year we got engaged. Around these seashells with be sand and more seashells.


If you think of any other cute ideas for the seashells leave me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Anyway, on my day off I had a bunch of running around to do(like usual) and I also bought a new bed set, you know, the bed-in-the-bags. And I know I'm leaving for school and you're probably wondering why I am even bothering to re-do my bed, but I'm sick of my old bed set, and it was time to update! I think it's so cute.


I need to buy new curtains and such, but I think this is too cute. And I absolutely love how the comforter is reversible. :)


Schnelle said...

aww what a cute idea! i love the theme! love the bed set too!