Monday, January 3, 2011

Juicy Couture Charms and Bear

I purchased these charms awhile ago as well and forgot to include them in my last post. But I couldn't resist posting because I wanted to show the engagement ring charm. I wanted it ever since I got engaged to John, and then they sold out, and then when I was at the outlets it was on sale for $34.99, I was SO excited, words can't express...


Engagement Ring Charm

Butterfly Charm on clearance to $19.99 from $58.00!!

Then at the actual Juicy Couture store, John bought me this adorable Juicy Couture bear, it's so cute. It's laying next to me as we speak. Haha... You can actually hook up your Iphone, Ipod, MP3 player to it because it has speakers too it, but I won't use it for that, it's too cute to do that. lol



Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale tomorrow!!!

. Who else is waking up to go at 7:00AM??? I know I am. hehe.



*~kAy~* said...

aww those charms are so pretty! <3
what a steal!
:3 the bear speakers is such a good idea.. is it still soft and squishy though? :p

Denysia Yu said...

I saw the ring charm at the outlets last time I was there! I should have picked it up, because they were having an extra 30% off everything in the store! I picked up a set of 3 rings for $20!

I thought VS semi annual sale already started? Hmmm... I need to check that out tomorrow! :)

Schnelle said...

the ring charm is ADORABLE! and I love the bear- what a clever idea to put speakers in it! I totally want one!!!

Hello Naka said...

I love the charms! and good luck with the sale I know they can be quite agressive XD and i love the teddy bear that was sweet of john ^^

where r the speaker though D:?