Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving in.. a mess!

As you guys know from a previous post my fiance and I moved into a new 2 bedroom apartment off campus.. previously we were in a 4 bedroom with roommates. I was really excited to move into our new apartment, just the two of us. But boy, it's a lot of work. At the end of July we had to move all our stuff from our 4 bedroom apartment to the 2 bedroom. Everything had to be piled into one room because there was still someone living in the apartment. I took a photo of what it looked like when we were all done. Mind you, this is just stuff from the kitchen, bathroom and other misc. things.

When we moved in, moved in, we brought all of our clothes and things from home so we ended up with all of this messs...
Our living room piled with bags and bags.
Our kitchen.. and my fiance.. lol
Needless to say, a lot of it is put away, but there's still a ton more I want to do, and things I'm not happy about and things I need to buy. *sighs* I would not recommend moving into your new apartment 2 days before classes begin! Luckily for me, I only have one class Tuesday and Thursday, so I'll be able to get more things done today. Let's say the only thing I'm truly happy and content about is my bed. Haha. I bought those new sheets in a previous post and new pillows, it just looks so cute. I promise I'll do an apartment tour when it's all done. But I'm thinking of posting when I'm done with something I'm happy with. haha. My fiance and I are going shopping today for more things I want and need. :) But just wanted to give a little update on things! Talk to you guys soon! ♥


Denise Pacurar said...

I remember when we moved too. It's soo much work!!!!!