Thursday, January 5, 2012

*My Christmas*

I realize this post is so utterly late it's ridiculous, but I have to post about it. Besides I'm trying to keep up with my daily blog posts. ;) I'm sure you won't mind. 

First, I'd like to make some things clear. Christmas and Christmas Hauls. Why? I understand you want to show everyone what you bought, but really? I think it's a major form of bragging and it's completely unnecessary. The only way I condone showing what you go for Christmas is showing your "Favorite Items". Maybe it's just me, is it? Christmas is more than just the gifts you receive it's about spending time with the family you love.
I watched this YouTube video yesterday from one of my favorite YouTube guru's, and she posted her "Christmas Haul", the whole 15 minutes of it. I enjoyed it and envied her(will not insert her username), she showed her huge 50" TV she got, Uggs, loads and loads of Vicki's hoodies, Michaels Kors Watch, new iPhone 4s, jewelry from Tiffany's, etc etc etc. I understand her subscribers requested to see it but it was completely unnecessary, did you really need to post everything you got? I mean some children don't even get a coat for Christmas or shoes that they actually need and you're going to brag about you new 50" tv? (Don't get me wrong, I like her as a YouTube guru, it wasn't just her, it was a lot of people, ahh, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.) How do you feel about people posting everything they got for Christmas? Do you think it's a form of bragging?

You're right though, if I felt this way I shouldn't of watched it, but I couldn't go on to without saying something! 

ANYWAY, I'm going to continue on with my Christmas. lol. 

My morning started promptly at 7AM. *Sighs* My brother is older than me and gets so excited for Christmas it's as if he is 7! haha. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos of Christmas at my parents house, but it was filled with nice goodies from Santa. :) I have to tell you the Pandora bracelet my father got my mom, she loved! And I'm pretty sure she was in tears when I gave her her elephant charm(it was her late mother's favorite animal). 
After my families house my fiance and I spent the day at his grandfathers house just talking and eating, it was so nice to spend time with them. His grandfather reminds me of my dad so I love listening to him, he cracks me up!

After that, we went to my fiance's house to pack up our presents because we went down to our apartment to exchange presents there. It was a 2 hour drive to our apartment but it was so nice to finally spend time with, especially with our work schedules it's so hard to have a good conversation with him. So I enjoyed that so much. I have a few photos I'm going to share from that night. (And I am in no way bragging, I'm merely showing photos from that night)

Notice how my countdown still says 12 days? So lazy. haha

I finally own a north face!!! I was super surprised when I got this, I completely forgot I even asked for it!! What's great about this jacket, besides that it's a North Face is that is supports breast cancer. :) Has a pink ribbon on the sleeve and everything. :)

Can you tell I'm super excited here?! My fiance surprised me with such an awesome gift. When I asked him for this particular gift he kept saying how ugly they were and how he didn't want to buy them, gave me such a hard time! haha. I told him he didn't have to buy them and that I would purchase them myself (considering how much money they were!). He said he was at King of Prussia and he saw a girl wearing them, reminded him of me and said he had to get them for me.. so sweet. ;)

 The tall hunter rain boots in pink! I still have to do a post about these because I want to do my own review on them. He also got me the wellies that go with them in the sweater knit, he said he had to buy them for me because he knew I wouldn't spend that much money on them and he wanted to keep my feet warm since I always complain my feets are cold. :)

My fiance wanted this throwback Philadelphia Eagles knit cap for the longest time and I finally just surprised him with it, see how happy he is?!

See our big mess in the background?! Not to mention the milk carton. haha, anyway I surprised my fiance with some car audio things for him new car, so he was super surprised. I snooped on his computer on the things he saved so I would get him exactly what he wanted!

Our oh-so-messy apartment! We didn't want to clean at all.. I'm pretty sure we left it like that for the night. haha

After that we spent the night cuddling and talking. We turned up the heat in our apartment snuggled up and went to bed together, exactly the way I wanted to end our night!


Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Your Christmas sounds perfect!! I love the Northface and the pink boots, very cute!

Veronika said...

Personally I really love haul videos because they show me what's available in stores and also give me ideas for my wishlist. I know that some people hate them but I love them (both watching them and doing them). I don't see it as a form or bragging because no one is really forced to watch it unless they want to.

I didn't show everything I got in my Christmas haul but I don't think it's bad if someone else wants to. I do see your point that some kids don't get anything for Christmas and that is true and very sad. Some girls at work and I adopted a CPS child this year for Christmas and got her wishlist gifts so she would have presents. I think that if you are lucky enough to be blessed to be able to get a lot of gifts at Christmas, you should also think about the less fortunate and try to do something for them---whether it's volunteering your time or donating something. It's all about balance :)

Cupcake Couture said...

@Mandy, thank you so much!!

Cupcake Couture said...

@Veronika I completely agree I love watching haul videos or haul blog posts for that reason too. (That's why I always post those myself!) It's nice to know what's in store.
I guess I'm just aggravated with everyone thinking Christmas is all about the presents and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. I felt like when I watched your Christmas haul I wasn't disgusted, I enjoyed it(Not just saying that because I love your blog either! haha) I felt like when I was watching this girls YouTube video I was more annoyed, "And I got this.... and I got this... oh and I got a million of these." Haha.

And I also agree, I spend a lot of money on Christmas presents but I never forget those less fortunate. Every year I adopt a child, (my fiance and I both) and buy gifts that they have on their Christmas wish list and maybe a little more, haha, because lets be honest it's so fun to buy for kids. :)

Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

I know the guru you're talking about and I agree that she could've showed less things, her "haul" was massive and over the top. But the biggest thing that annoyed me was her attitude or tone...not hating on her but I get your point :)
All the other "hauls" I've watched on YT I enjoyed, people seemed to appreciate their gifts and I didn't take it as bragging. Also, I've noticed that the amount of gifts have become smaller...maybe the girls I watched were smart and didn't show anything or people just have grown up and know the true meaning of Christmas.