Sunday, January 8, 2012

Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale Haul

I must say, I was highly disappointed with the sale this year. I only picked up like four items. Boo. The things I wanted most I did manage to get, I needed Yoga capris and sports bras because my friends and I are still going to Hot Yoga and I do not own a sports bra. Weird. I know. Anyway, here's some things I picked up. 

I also picked up a second sports bra but currently it's in the wash because I wore it to a Hot Yoga class. 

You know, I never realized how comfortable sports bra were and why I don't own more? I went to Target today to see what they had and wondered to their athletic wear and I'm in shock at how expensive they can get. I got the Victoria Secrets Pink sports bras for a whooping $6.99 each. A deal considering how expensive they are everywhere else. 

So there's my very small and pathetic haul from Vicki's sale. I'm considering purchasing more things online but everything is out of stock in my size. Boo. 

Anyway, what did you pick up while you were at the sale? I'd love to see!

ALSO, check out a new tab I created, an ABOUT ME section. I finally had the time last night to figure out somethings on blog. I'm trying to edit more, so check out that if you're bored and want to learn more about me! haha.


★ JASMINE ★ said...

Ooooo lovely items!! I love VS!


Veronika said...

I was disappointed and didn't buy anything this year!