Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Kicks

I was in desperate need of some new sneakers. I have a pair of white Puma sneakers, but you wouldn't believe what they did to the back of my feet. The sneaker was cut so low in the back, I guess they're low cut sneakers, they dug into the back of my heels so bad! I was kind of upset about it though because I really liked them, they were plain white and had rhinestones on them, so me. I guess I'll just have to keep breaking them in.. Anyway, so I picked up these lovely Puma's that were only $50. I wanted a pair of black sneakers plus they had pink in them, so they were perfect!

I've worn them like three times already and they're so comfortable. I still need to get a basic white sneaker now, but I think they're perfect for now. Also it's great because now when I go back to school I can wear these bad boys to the gym. :) Great purchase to start off the new year. Plus I picked up a pink yoga mat from Five Below to use at Hot Yoga. Yes, my friends and I are still going and it's great. The only thing is, I've had headaches after, every single time. They say because of the new blood flow to the head.. I don't know..


MrsLDBlack said...

They look grea, puma's awesome! I just got a pair of Runtones, they r pretty interesting! Hope ur headaches eases up...