Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Haul, First of 2012!

Oh-my-gosh.. it's the first haul of 2012, and it doesn't matter if I bought this stuff in 2011, I'm showing it now, so I'm marking in a 2012 First Haul. lolol. 

This is going to be a very random haul. Some things I bought on ebay, another Target, and the last is from Kohls.

Has anyone tried the Sally Hansen nail strips? Well I did, right before Christmas, and I had a hard time applying them, and I may not have even applied them correctly, but I did enjoy the idea! I figured I would give them a second chance and picked up 2 different sets off of ebay. (Only because it was cheaper to purchase online)

I also decided that I need to jump on the liquid foundation bandwagon. haha. I've been using a mineral foundation for a very long time now, Everyday Minerals. It was the only foundation that didn't make me break out. I finally took the time to go to Sephora and get swatched for different types of liquid foundation and took a few samples home to try for a week to see which one suits me best, and also to see which one doesn't make me break out! So needless to say I don't own a liquid foundation brush, the lady showed me which one to use, but it was $25, I think, so I picked up a similar one at Target for only $1, I haven't tried it yet though to give a proper review.

My mom picked these up for me when she was at Kohls. I was so excited! How cute are these?! I absolutely LOVE them! I can't wait to put them in our kitchen for Valentines Day. :)


Schnelle said...

I haven't tried the nail strips but I love that houndstooth print! Cute towels too! My mom is always picking me up seasonal towels too- I think she's a bit obsessed. lol.