Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Baby Onesie Banner & Giveaway

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I'm SO excited to be sharing this today! My best friend is having a little one soon, and it's her first one, and I'm SO excited for her. I'm helping plan the decorations and I decided to give this lovely idea from Mandy over at This Little Life of Mine a try. We were e-mailing each other back and forth for a while before I jumped on the project this weekend. Mandy made a banner with triangles and my friend wanted hers with little onesies. So that's what I was going to do!
This is what we're going to make!
 photo DSC01623_zps6287a336.jpg
What you're going to need:
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue for ribbon
  • Elmers glue for lettering

  • I drew the one side of the onesie by free hand and simply folded it in half and cut so it would be equal on both sides. I looked at a template through Google images and copied it on there. I cut the onesie out of thicker scrapbook paper so I could use it as a template for the scrapbook paper I wanted to use for the project. I also wanted to do lettering in little bubbles so I practiced drawing circles for a while before I got it right. haha
     photo DSC01603_zpsfe103d93.jpg
    I put the scrapbook paper in the order I wanted it to be for the template. I bought all these scrapbook papers from Michaels. (in case you like any)
     photo DSC01604_zps0aa9345a.jpg
     photo 28b40f11-a7a0-4d3c-ab58-c7d56890faf3_zps15e912de.jpg
    Simply traced the onesie on the paper and cut them out.
     photo DSC01606_zps61ec500f.jpg
    Traced the circles as well
     photo DSC01607_zps1e56a3d6.jpg
     photo DSC01608_zps4d974da4.jpg
    Made up my own letters. I wish I had premade ones, but this turned out ok. I think this took me the longest because I drew them 2 times.
     photo DSC01611_zps0437195a.jpg
    I got this glue from Wal-Mart. I just glued the circles and letters onto the onesies.
     photo DSC01612_zpsf470c0b0.jpg
     photo DSC01613_zpseb7e9b51.jpg
     photo DSC01615_zpse4f3cc90.jpg
    I hot glued the ribbon onto the tops of the banners so that when she hangs it, the onesies wouldn't fall off. I think she could also use it for her nursery.
     photo DSC01616_zps1f4a96fd.jpg
     photo DSC01620_zps17d526ab.jpg
     photo DSC01621_zps29ccea7d.jpg
     photo DSC01623_zps6287a336.jpg It cost me less than $6.00 to make the banner, and it is personalized, so I think this is much cheaper then buying one!
    I also wanted to remind everyone there's only 3 more days left for my giveaway. Enter HERE
    Have a great day everyone!


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    That's so cute!

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    such a cute idea!
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