Sunday, June 2, 2013

Honey, I'm Home!

I'm home!

If you follow me on instagram {vzaleski} you might have saw some of my photos I posted on vacation. 
If not I'll share some with you now.

1. (to the right going clockwise)  Towel animal (rabbit?) wearing my sunglasses. Our housekeeping guy (Adrienne) made us all kinds of fun towel animals. My dad took photos of his as well. One day we even had a monkey made from our beach towels that looked so cute.

2. Fiance & I in Florida on a bus ride to Universal Studios (which was amazing by the way!)

3. Our boat and palm trees. This was my first time in Florida and my first time seeing palm trees, which is now crossed off my bucket list. :)

4. This was our last day on the ship. This was the deck. I have plenty of more pictures of the boat, BUT it's up to you guys if you want me to share?
Please comment or message me if you want to see more photos of the ship.
I also took videos of the boat, I may post those on my facebook.

Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone.
It's back to work for me tomorrow.
I need to catch up with everyone's blogs too! ahh!


Schnelle said...

YAY! I bet you're super tan too! I'm sure it was a blast and a half.

Holly said...

I was obsessed with your Instagram updates- the sunny weather and amazing looking food gave me serious travel envy!

LOVE J said...

Great blog, I had fun reading it! xoxo

Adele said...

I would so love to go to Florida! Great snaps!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo