Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Bath & Body Works Haul

Happy Tuesday!

This week work is very busy for me so I don't know how often I'll be able to blog this week (unfortunately). 
Two weekends ago I did a little shopping at the Outlets in Philadelphia and I'm sharing part of my haul. 

I love buying candles in the Fall & Winter, there is something about a candle lit in your bedroom or living room that reminds me of the fall. I think it's the coziness of it all. I love going to Bath & Body Works in the fall and winter months because they always have such cute decor and the best scents!

Here are some things I picked up. 

I picked up this adorable owl candle for 50% off plus an additional 20% off! It was originally $39.50 and I got it for $15.80! It's a candle holder for a 3 wick candle. I think it'll be the perfect addition to our end tables in our living room. If you like the owl it can be purchased here but it is not on sale.

I also needed some new hand soaps and picked up 5. The other one that is missing is Dancing Waters - I gave that to my future Mother-in-law. 

I don't know if I ever shared this little candle holder with you. It fits the mini candles - the one that is pictured here would fit it. I got this candle for free with a coupon. And of course I picked up the Pumpkin Cupcake antibacterial. If you didn't already notice I love the scent Pumpkin Cupcake. 

A new scent that Bath & Body Works came out with this year is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. It smells SO good. I can't even explain it, just that you need to get your butt to a Bath & Body Works and smell it. Once I get another coupon I'll be picking up candles in this scent. It smells so delicious!

Another cute household item they have is this haunted house:

Unfortunately it is $64.50 though. You can find it here.

What are you hauling for the fall from Bath & Body Works?!