Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Wish List - Forever 21

Happy Sunday!

It has been a very relaxing weekend. Sometimes you just need that. I worked on Christmas crafts for family and friends and took pictures for my Black Friday Haul that will be coming up on the blog later this week. Unfortunately I need to break it up into two posts because I haven't received everything in the mail just yet. 
Today I'll be sharing some items I found on that I am lusting after. 

I am loving this faux suede draped collar jacket. You can find it here for $39.90

Oversized open-knit sweater. I love the color of this one and the fact that it's longer. Works great for us taller girls! You can find it here for only $19.80!

I don't know why this sweater is catching my eye. I think it's the plaid. You can find it here for $22.80

I fell in love with this asymmetrical cable sweater on first glance. I love the look of it and think it'd be great for work. You can find it here for $29.80

I'm loving this color block sweater. I've never seen anything like it. You can find it here for $22.80

This fair isle crewneck sweater is perfect for the season. With a pair of dark denim jeans and boots it completes the look. You can find it here for $24.80

This tank top is so pretty and I love the plaid colors in it. It'll look so pretty under a blazer. You can find it here for only $9.80!

This ladder cut out chiffon top is so pretty. It's definitely unique with the cut outs and zipper detail. You can find it here for $19.80

I love this sequin stripped top. I am a sucker for anything sparkler and this definitely hits the spot. You can find it here for $17.90

 I know a lot of people don't gravitate towards Forever 21 - after you passed the age of 21. But their Love21 is perfect for us that are older than 21. But I say hey, if you can still fit in it and it's appropriate, why not!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Holly said...

I am DEFINITELY past 21, but I really love their blazers- pulled together without being stuffy