Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Hair Stylist

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I officially booked my hair stylist for the wedding this past Thanksgiving weekend. 
I'm super excited because she's the only one who I trust with my hair and she's the only one who does my hair the way I actually like it!

I think it's really important to get someone you like to do your hair. For me, I tried a bunch of different local salons and I just couldn't find anyone that I truly loved to do my hair for my big day. 
I was reluctant to ask my normal hair stylist because she lives about 2 hours away and I was afraid she wouldn't be willing to travel. But I figured why not ask, give it a try. 

When I asked her, she was so excited!
She said that the 2 hour drive would be nothing for her, so that also made me feel better.

I did tell her that she's invited to the wedding and a guest, and that I would also pay for her travel and hotel accommodations. 

A couple of questions I asked my hair stylist:

1.) How much? I think this is important, especially if you're on a budget like I am. The cost for me is $35, and she works at JCPenney so I am assuming the $35 is JCPenney pricing. My bridesmaids would also be paying the same price as me, $35. It's also good to let your bridesmaids know how much to expect to pay. 

2.) What do I need to do to prep my hair for my big day? For me, I want my hair to be much lighter - more blond in my hair was a big goal for me. So when she did my hair she made sure to put a lot more highlights in it than normal. She also told me that I would need to come in every 6-8 weeks to keep up with my hair color. 

3.) If I want extensions what kind do I buy? I don't want extensions for length (my hair is long!) but I want it for fullness & volume. My hair isn't thin but I want it to have more volume. She explained to me to buy real hair extensions with the clips in them. She explained that real hair curls and colors. Since I want my hair on the lighter side she said to purchase blond ones, that way if we need to blend them in she can color them to match my hair color. She recommended Sally's Beauty Supply and that they only cost about $100. 

4.) When do I come in for a trial? She said that I can come in any time between now and the wedding. When I know my hair style I want, she said to come in and we can play around. She also told me to bring the extensions with me. My hair stylist told me she likes to do trials near the end of her shift so she has time to play around and doesn't have to worry about another client coming in. 

5.) Do you do makeup? I didn't ask this, but she asked me if I would need someone to do our makeup. She would have charged $15. I haven't decided what I'm doing with that and I'm leaving it to the bridesmaids to choose what they want to do. I will most likely hire a professional makeup artist for myself. 

My hair stylist asked how many girls I have and how many people would be getting their hair done, she asked because she wanted to know how much help she would need. She will be bringing along another girl to help her. This is another question to ask your hair stylist. Timing is everything and the bride should have more time spent on her and not rushing to do other people's hair. So I am extremely happy she'll be bringing along another girl.

This is my new hair after the appointment, as you can see it's much blonder! She also parted it down the center, something I haven't done in years! What do you think?

She also recommended that I buy the "It's a 10" hair product to help with my split ends and help prevent split ends in the future. I've been using it for 3 nights now and I can't really tell a difference yet, but it hasn't been long enough to really give feed back. It does smell really good though!

So, I couldn't be happier that now I have the hair stylist book and ready to go! Plus she's excited which makes me excited. I feel like things are really coming together!

Have a great night!