Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: New York City, Rockefeller Center & OOTD

Happy Tuesday!

I think I'm coming down with a cold. :( 
I'm blaming New York and their dirty subways. Haha

This weekend my fiance, his brother and my brother went to New York City. My brother has never seen the Christmas lights in New York City, so it was exciting for him, and I was excited to show him!

Here's a recap of the weekend:

On my lunch I went to Rite Aid to pick up two items based on a friends recommendation and a blog post I saw. 
I picked up Revlon's photo ready translucent powder, and Revlon's Lip Balm in Stand Out.  

Stand Out swatch. (More on these two items later)


A snap shot of my new scarf from Old Navy that I wore all weekend!

 My fiance & I on the bus!

Look how pretty the ceilings were decorated in the bus terminal!

On Canal Street we went to a place for hot chocolate, not because we were cold, but because we needed to rest our feet. But it was delicious!

On Canal Street they had boxes full of $2 sweaters - new in packaging! I picked up some for myself, my mom and my fiance's mom. 

We stayed at the W in the financial district. It was a very nice place to stay, I highly recommend!

My outfit for the day:
Merry & Bright sweater from American Eagle, Old Navy jeggings, and Ugg boots.

Just enjoying my view!

Later that day we went to Times Square.

This is my excited face yet scared face to conquer Rockefeller Center. 

We also went to the Hershey's store but was highly disappointed, not much there!

This is me relaxing on the side of Hershey's. I made a purchase in M&M. I love that store!


We went back to Times Square because I wanted to go to Inglot and my fiance's brother wanted to take my pictures. 

Our last stop was Inglot. 
I cannot wait to share my haul from there & my experience!

Have a great night I'm going to try to rest up.


Unknown said...

What a fun weekend! Great pics!

Holly said...

This looks like it was so much fun! (I also love the W, but haven't been to the NYC one)