Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm home!!!

Thank you so much everyone who left me sweet comments while I was away!!! It means a lot, especially to meet some awesome people on here, I'm so grateful. :) It just amazes me... :')

Anyway.... I had a wonderful little vacation to Virginia. It's quite a drive for me... like 8 or more hours away... *sighs* We left early Thursday morning...

Day 1

The van was packed with all our luggage..

My boyfriend's grandmother with her beautiful hat... she's adorable

We passed through Washington D.C!!


We stayed on an Air Force Base... (Langley Air Force Base)

Our hotel suite

Group photo in the kitchen

Day 2

We headed to a smaller beach in Virginia called Buckroe Beach

Everyone walking to the beach


I miss it already :(

Me and John by the lighthouse

John and Quang posing

Me laying out in the sun... Quang in the background hahaa

My watermelon feets in the sand


Later we headed to the Prime Outlets! :)

Inside Juicy's fitting room, gorgeous!!

Day 3

Onto a pier on Buckroe beach

Me and John

Me being a camwhore

Me John and Quang


On the air force base

The guys

Me under a plane

Me and John


Later in the evening was the party... his uncle's 40th... filled with fireworks and fun...

Weird, but I like it :)

..... and that concludes my vaca

with a BIG BANG!!

... I miss it already...

I did haul a little bit from the outlets.. I unfortunately(thanks to the guys) only had a little bit of time because we didnt get there till late in the evening... but I'll show what I did get...

I actually got this from Cracker Barrel a place we ate at...


A necklace from Juicy Couture... pink lips


Juicy sweats



Friggin cheap!! PLUS an extra 20% off that!!


A dress and shirt from a store called Papaya




I adore this bracelet, it's so cute.. look at the back of it, chain-linked!


Rings from Charlotte Russe





So that was my haul.... Not much.. but hey I tried.. haha.

Also I wanted to announce... my contest deadline is soon... please get your entries in...!! :)

Alright girls.. I'm going away again to Long Beach Island New Jersey this Saturday, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again... I hope I'll post another entry soon. I'm leaving this time for a full week, so :( I'll miss you girls.. but I'm off of work tomorrow and Friday so I'll post again hopefully!!



Denysia said...

Hi! I'm following your blog! WOW, I love your hauls! All the stuff you bought looks sooo nice! Keep it up! :)

Jem said...

looks like you had a nice vacation!
you look gorgeous

& yay at you for finding a cool!

i love the rings!

you'll be busy again..i just hope you'll have a blast this weekend!

KRYSTAL said...

wow! love the pics!! &thanks for sharing! glad u had fun on your vacay! and love the haul! as alwaysss... haha u get the cutest things!! take care!

Sherry said...

nice hotel with kichen inside :) hehe.. here got but more pricey.

Sherry said...

its always good to go vacation :)

lindah said...

oh that's such a great find! I found ed hardy sandals for $35 once at nordies!:D I did a contest look for you :) I just posted it so go check that out! I want to go on vacation far away one day but I'ma get home sick lol xD

Carolina Belle said...

Great haul, I'm a new follower by the way. I love your blog.

*~kAy~* said...

looks like you had so much fun on your vacation <3
the beach looks so fun!!!

i always love your hauls :) you got such cute taste! :)

. said...

Looks like a fabulous time. I love the items you found!

Angela Pluck said...

Gosh dammit! You are always hauling girlfriend. Mr. D (the Hubby) just told me that I cannot do anymore shopping until after our Greece trip (sometime September) :(. Which I will do because I want to have more fun in Greece (but it is going to be hard). He is also taking me to Vegas for the weekend in August :D. I have to be good and no spending since I did choose to stop working. Anyhoot, I am loving your hauls and you darling please take care and lots of hugs and kisses.

BTW thanks for sharing your wonderful and cute photos of your trip. Super cute!

Lipstick on the cup said...

Love the pics! Amazing haul. I tagged you! Make sure to check out my blog :)

Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your trips. You look gorgeous in your dresses. =)

Cute accessories haul. =)

A said...

Wow, looks like an amazing vacation!!

And if that is what you managed to buy with a little time to shop then you did VERY well! LOVE the rings :D

Elizabeth Marie said...

WOW look at all the fun stuff! I love your Watermelon toes in the sand you are so cute!!

So LC's book is good?! YAY! I'm going to lay out all day tomorrow and read it!

I hope you have fun this weekend you jet setter you! :)

twinsouls888 said...

the yellow bag is sooo pretty ^_^

noone said...

wowww I love those juicy and that is SOO CHEAP!! btw lovely pics of you at the beach, you got a great smile :)