Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Beach Island Part 3

Hey girls.... I'm sick. I even went home from work early today. :( Pooie... So I figured while I'm laying here in bed I'd do a part 3 of my LBI trip... I also want to remind everyone to check out my poll on the right hand side and vote for who you think did best. :) THANK YOU!

DAY 4 at LBI

We decided to go crabbing at the Causeway Rentals...

The Causeway, the one way onto the island and the one way off the island.. scary?

Bird just chillin'

The boys

Our first catch of the day... haha

I got a HUGE one!

Adrienne caught one as well....

TOTAL 3 crabs for $100... $30some a crab.. crabbing together.... PRICELESS!! :)


We headed to good ol' Atlantic City to do some major shopping... :)

John and Quang

Me, Adrienne and Michelle

We became mayors for one drunken night... haha

Me and John

Atlantic City

When we were shopping I found this RARE find.... FAKE Juicy Couture called Purple Rain

Um ya... NO

The whole group of us

This is the Ship Mall that goes all the way out to the ocean...

Inside the ship mall is a store called It's Sugar.. I love all the decor

Me! :)

They had delicious candy

and then this???? Gummy Bear bras??? Chocolate Pens????

BEST OF ALL Virginity Restoration lmao

They also have a water show inside the ship mall

Me and John

The girls shopped :) a lil... haha...

I'll leave you with that... I'll continue hopefully another day...


Skye said...

hey hun looks like u had a amazing time... great pics =D

lindah said...

fake juicy??? haha! That's funny. But you should've got me that gummie bear bra :P I woulda worn it! lol, just kidding but it looks fun over there :)

*~kAy~* said...

aw.. get well soon! :(

haha! "purple rain" was pretty funny :P

i've never gone crabbing before :P how do you even catch them? :P

Celia said...

need me some vagi-seal, stat!

LOL. great pics.

lindah said...

I've actually done swatches and review a while back when I preordered :)

They're both very versatile palettes! I've done so many looks with them so far :) I highly recommend it! lol

Unknown said...

Great pics looks like your having fun xoxox

A said...

Loving these holiday pictures!!!

Purple Rain, haha. OMG at that sugar place - YUM!!

Angela Pluck said...

OOOOOOh my I am getting caught up here been a little MIA lately..and you have been busy!!! LOL! Anyways you look beautiful and looks like you guys had a lot of fun..especially with the crabbin..hehe. OMG I am loving the purple rain....LOL!