Friday, September 28, 2012

Longing for..

Can I express my feelings about this cold weather?
I like fall don't get me wrong, but leaving for school/work in the early morning, I'm having a hard time dressing.
It's freezing in the morning walking between classes, but by the time I get out, it's warm and I'm sweating trying to walk to my car. *lol*

I am longing for these Ugg Baily Bow boots!
I love fall/winter, and I love wearing boots.
Boots are my absolute favorite thing in the whole world. 

The fact that these have bows on them they are meant for me. 

They also come in tall, which is usually what I opt for. 
But I can't help but think these are cuter as the short boot.
Also, I don't have any short Ugg, so why not let my first pair be these adorable ones?!

It's Friday! Is anyone else as excited as me?!
The fiance and I went to a local Italian restaurant and it was amazing. 
It was a nice way to relax after such a long week, not to mention stressful.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday!


Samantha ★ said...

Man I love uggs sooo much! I'm on my second pair in 4 years. I honestly don't wear any socks all winter because of how warm my uggs are. I want that! so cute!