Thursday, September 20, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles Game: My Experience

I know I normally don't do "reviews" of places I go, but I thought that since I had such a good time I would share my experience. 

Let me say this first of all, even if you're not into football you'll love a football game.
It's SO much better at the actual game instead of behind the TV screen. 

My fiance and I decided to leave really early because we didn't want to get stuck in traffic and plus we were meeting with my cousin to tail gate.

Tailgating is seriously the best thing in the world. It was SO much fun! Even if you don't go into the actual football game I'd go to tail gate. My fiance and I tailgated with a group called "Cav's Tail Gating". They had ALL kinds of food, even breakfast!
I had some eggs and ham to begin with, then later I had a hotdog and chicken sandwhich. Not to mention they had all you can drink beer! Now I don't drink beer but the guy made me a Mimosa. (My first ever by the way, and let's say I didn't enjoy it) But that is besides the point, he was kind enough to make it for me!
They had water, sodas, etc. You name it I felt like they had it! 

So we went into the actual stadium around 12:30(the game started at 1:00), and I was panicking!
First of all we had to go through all these people and gates and security checks to get into the place, and then after we did all that, we had to wait at this HUGE line to get up the escalator, this could be in part because we had seats up real high.
Unfortunately I missed the players running out onto the field, but I did catch the fireworks(yes fireworks) and the national anthem.

The actual game?! SO much fun! The fans were cheering and screaming at the other team. We had Ravens fans around us so everyone was real rowdy and telling them to sit down when the Ravens got a touchdown(Which by the way, rarely happened!). But it was just so funny, "SIT DOWN!". 
Or when they only had a few more tries to get their 1st down, the crowd would go wild, clapping and yelling, it was so great. It was as if my screaming and clapping helped the Eagles defense to stop them.. I mean it probably pumped up the players but other than that we were just screaming. lol. 
My hands and throat hurt by the time we were done. 

It was also SO great when the Eagles did do a touchdown, they had their own anthem song that everyone sung to, and Oh-my-gosh it was so funny hearing everyone sing. They had fireworks, and everything, it was so great! Thank god the Eagles won, it was so nice to experience my first game, and of course my fiance's first game AND the Eagles won. By a point, but nonetheless, they won! :)

I'm not a huge football fan but now I am since I've been to a game. I need to go to another. It's so hard because how far we live. Soon enough though, soon enough. 

Anyway, I'm going to share a photo of my fiance and I tailgating, I'll show more another day. I have so many photos it's not even funny. lol.

Attach to me is free t-shirts that the tailgating place had, that they only give out the first game of the season, so we got lucky!

Anyway, not sure if any girl would be interested in this, but since it was all I talked about, I thought it was appropriate to post about. :)
I hope everyone had an amazing week!

I'm finding it very hard to manage my time correctly. After I'm done with my internship I am always so tired and have so much homework to do, and then when I'm done with school I don't want to do anything but relax. I really need to change all that. :/ 

How does everyone else manage their time?



Schnelle said...

Eagles games are so much fun! I went to one a few years ago and I loved it. Can't believe you didn't like the mimosa- they are one of my favorites!

*LO* said...

sounds like a blast and look forward to the other pics! can i just tell you, its the afternoon and i'm just getting to your post now -- i JUST updated about how i need a routine in the morning because i'm always so tired! wish icould help you...