Friday, September 21, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles Photos (PIC HEAVY)

I just finished my last 4th week in college EVER and 2nd week of my internship.
I'm feeling pretty good right now. :)
I feel like for once in my life things are starting to get put together. 

Anyway I just finished a paper on Costco for my Capstone Strategic Management class and I'm pretty sure I know everything there is to know about Costco. Want to know anything, I'm sure I'll know it! LOL
It's raining right now and I'm sitting here in my pajamas and just went through all my photos. 
Isn't that the best thing after a trip?
Reliving the day again through photos. 

First my outfit:
I'm wearing a NFL Eagles T-Shirt with Rue 21 shorts and Victoria Secrets flip flops.
And please excuse my mess on my dresser, I just finished doing my hair. lol.

The hoodie I didn't get to wear because it was too hot out.

Our parking pass. My fiance ordered this online so we could have good parking when we left the game, but unfortunately it didn't matter either way. 


My fiance being funny because I was cam whoring. lol
Total photo bomb.

Acting like he didn't do anything!

Sports Complex!

A proper photo without him on the phone. lol

This was our view from our parking spot of the stadium, it's HUGE!

Tail gaters take tail gating seriously!

We met up with my cousin at the tail gate party. 

If you go to an Eagles game make sure to go to Cav's Tail gating!

My dad would be so proud.

The massive crowds trying to get into the stadium.


Fireworks to start off the game.

Touch down, EAGLES!

Happy Fiance and me for winning the game.

Our seats. Fiance said I did a good job. 

It was SO much fun, and clearly I need a jersey the next time I go! haha.

Have a good night everyone, I'm off to read my book on my comfy couch. :)


*LO* said...

the photos are great... that pic of the stadium is insane!! what an awesome photo!! the shape is just stunning. you guys looked great- ps LOVE YOUR NAILS!!!!