Saturday, September 8, 2012

NOTD & Nail Polish Haul

I recently got my Ulta Reward coupon.
I got a 1 point reward so I picked up one of the Ulta nail polishes.

I have never tried any of their nail polishes, but I was surprised that they were only $6.00 for how much you get. I picked up the color Concrete Evidence because it's a color I don't have and thought it was really cute.
I'm really really trying to stir away from pinks. I have every pink known to man and I still buy them! 
So I've made a pact with myself never to buy a pink nail polish until I throw some of the ones I have away, or until they run out. *Hmph* 

Originally I was going to keep it the way it was.. but decided against it..

So I decided to add some polka dots to the ring finger with my dotting tool. 

 I think it looks a lot cuter now. :)

I also picked up some nail polish from TJMaxx yesterday, who would have thought they sold Essie nail polish?!

I also picked up a Salon Hansen polish strips for only $3.99 too! 
I wanted this one for a while, but refused to pay $9 for it. 
Again, these are colors that I don't have, I love the light brown one for the fall. It's so pretty.

While I was looking for my dotting tool I came across all my cute hair accessories I forgot about, so I decided to pull them out so I could use them. :)

Internship Update:

I can not express how much I love my internship! 
I absolutely love it!
I am actually looking forward to going to work Monday. 
I was worried that when I went there she wouldn't explain what I had to do and threw me into what I didn't know how to do. I was so afraid that I've been going to college for Accounting these past 4 years and what if I go there and hate what I'm doing? It was so scary!
 I was so nervous too!!
I was so nervous I didn't even bother snapping a photo of my outfit for the first day. 
I was definitely overdressed by the way, most of the girls working there were wearing jeans. haha. 
That's ok! I rather be over dressed then under. 

But, I do, I love what I'm doing, and it sounds like I'll be there even after I graduate, so this is so exciting for me. Last night my fiance and I decided to celebrate and went out to TGIFridays to eat. I really wanted to drink, but opted for the dessert instead. lol.

Anyway, that was my little haul for you guys. 

Thanks for reading!