Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recent Outfits

I'm trying my best to take more photos of what I'm wearing, not only for my blog, but to see what my style is really like. :)
Some of these are casual and some are ones I wore out just for the day. 
I hope you enjoy & tell me your favorite!

This one is blurry and it was a rainy crappy day out. 
I didn't really put this together that great and I don't know why I didn't wear my rain boots, but here it is.

Internship outfit. 

Classes all day kinda outfit. I was not in a good mood this day. lol

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday for the first day of fall. 
It was a beautiful day out so I wore shorts.
I wasn't quite sure how I liked the shirt, half tucked in or all the way tucked in?

 In the end, I tucked the shirt all the way in and enjoyed it like that.

My bay boat shoes! I finally wore them!

Outfit I wore on Sunday to the pumpkin patch. 
Fiance and I bought 3 pumpkins and still need to decorate. I'm SO excited!
I also wore my hair to the side with the "Fake fishtail braid"
I found out I didn't do it right, but I still kept it that way, and no I didn't take photos of it. 

And last but not least my outfit for today. 
I did not feel like dressing up, it was 39 degrees this morning! I stuck with sweats and flip flops. 
I still have one more class to go to but this is what it is for the day. 
Thursday I have a presentation and I still haven't decided what I wanted to wear. 
We'll see!

And my desk chair, say hello!

Tell me which is your favorite! :)

Off to my next class soon,
Have a nice day!


JennaRaeXoXo said...

Love the plaid shirt, with the white shorts.