Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Sunday Picks

I just finished my 10 page internship paper and 2 page abstract paper. Go me! :)
Today my dad and I did a lot of Christmas shopping for my mom. I picked up something for my brother also. My list is slowly dwindling!! :) I have very few things left to buy and I couldn't be happier. I can finally stop stressing!! School is over and the rush of Christmas is almost over.
Tomorrow I go back to my normal job, no more internship. I'm excited to see everyone and meet the new people working there. :D
Today is Sunday, so it's time for some of my Sunday picks.
Old Navy Heart Sweater. $25.00 25% with your card or 20% any form of payment. HERE
Pretty color! $29.94 HERE
I don't know why I love this sweater so much. I guess I love ugly Christmas sweaters. $24.00 HERE
Love polka-dot! Don't ever go out of style! Please! $20.00 HERE
And of course you need a new pair of PJ's for Christmas morning! I almost picked this up when I was Christmas shopping, but couldn't because they're so short. Not fair! $12.00 HERE
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. One week 2 days until Christmas! Anyone else excited?!


Kristal said...

love the polkadots! great picks! new follower!