Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sephora, Bath and Body Works Haul

Happy Thursday!

I have a really random haul for you guys today. 
I didn't know what to blog about today because I didn't get a chance to take pictures of anything, plus the weather has been real crappy, so the pictures were have come out real dark.

Anyway, these are items I bought over time, took pictures of, but never posted about them. 
So today is the day!

I picked up this nail polish on sale for half off. Which is such a steal for OPI for Sephora nail polish. 
I don't have a top coat like this, so it'll be a nice addition. 
I used it once, but never took a picture of it. :/

I picked up this body wash from Bath and Body Works when it was on sale.
I believe Bath and Body Works is having their semi annual sale right now?
If they are I need to get there, haha. 


I also picked up these sandals for the cruise, but never got a chance to wear them. {I actually think I forgot about them} But I'm not going to return them, they were super cheap from Ross. I picked these up for $16.99 at Ross (of course, I'm loving it there!). These are also by Tommy Hilfiger. 


I picked up these oven mitts in Philadelphia. 
They match my apron perfectly, it's the same exact fabric. My best friend purchased the apron for me for my birthday two years ago, and I was SO excited to find oven mitts that are the exact same fabric.
 photo DSC01828_zps14c99535.jpg

In other news:

I still have my giveaway going on, but I actually COMPLETELY forgot about it until yesterday when I was cleaning up. 

I'm not sure a lot of people entered so I am going to do another blog post about it. 
I will have a strict end date as well. I will repost about it tomorrow or this weekend!
I'm sorry for forgetting about it!!! :(  

No one really responded about wanting to see pictures from the cruise, but I really would like to do one post dedicated to it. So I may do a post this weekend or one next week. People did respond that they would like to see more personal things so that will be one of them. Not sure I will do it all the time. But I'd like to hear your thoughts! :)

Have a great night!


laurieb145 said...

I'd love to see cruise pics!

Holly said...

:) since I've totally stalked your pinterest cruise photos, I'd love to see more! Lol

Love that top coat- so so pretty!