Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Shopping & Fitting Room Pics

Happy Tuesday!

I did some shopping this past weekend. It was so nice to just have a weekend off to do anything we wanted. 
We decided to go to a car show and then went shopping. 

I love Ross, I always find such cute things there and for real cheap. 
I picked up all these items for $50. 
Such a steal. 

 photo DSC02249_zps86a87e7f.jpg  photo DSC02250_zps2a6b79a6.jpg  photo DSC02251_zpsd7c3d47c.jpg  photo DSC02252_zps2d51e5c1.jpg  photo IMG_3361_zps9bd6c3c1.jpg  photo IMG_3362_zps54380862.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zps9db8ddae.jpg 

 I decided against this dress because it was see through. Unfortunately, because it's so cute. 

 photo IMG_3365_zps41067bd2.jpg 

And I didn't pick up these white lace shorts either. But now I'm regretting it. They were only $8.99 

I went to  Kohls today but I really couldn't find much I liked. I think I only picked up two things. 
I may post about that tomorrow. 

Have a great night everyone! 


KatieLouise said...

Love love love the lace shorts! And I love seeing hauls! Now I wish I had a Ross near me :P

Holly said...

I love the dresses and the lace shorts! And I LOVE a good bargain :) such a deal-hunter!

lindah said...

You're totally inspiring me to run to Ross right now to look for those shorts! :)

Nicole said...

After seeing your cute clothes I had to go to Ross, ha! I was hoping to get those adorable lace shorts but no luck. I did find some goodies though!

lauren said...

i missed this post!! girl you are hot !! :D

LOVEE THOSE LACE SHORTS AND BLACK DRESS ON YOU!! now i totally want lace shorts and they were never something i was interested in.

you should go back and check if the store still has the white ones... 9.00 so cheap, so Cute!

Unknown said...

oh i love the lace shorts!! they are so cute :)