Thursday, August 8, 2013

Owl Pinterest Inspired Baby Shower

Happy Thursday!

I am SO excited it is finally Thursday. I really need this weekend to be here for some R&R. It's over due. 
Anyway, as you guys know I hosted a baby shower with my other best friend for my best friend; Lindsay. If that makes any sense. We did all the decorations for the baby shower and since she just had her baby I thought I would post about it today. :) There will be tons of pictures, so just warning ahead of time.

These are the center pieces we put together. 
We hand made the owls.

The three of us put together different gift baskets to give away. 
Baking basket, movie basket, and mine was a bath and body basket. 

This is how the tables were set up.

 The inside

   photo DSC02284_zps423c7b10.jpg 

We handmade the tissue pom poms and the Jackson sign

We played three games that we made up ourselves. 
Baby Bingo, Baby Scramble, and Baby ABC
We simply used Microsoft Publisher, found an Owl picture we liked off of Google Images and used it throughout the whole theme.

We also did a Create Your Own Onesie table. 
We bought all types of embellishments from Joann Fabrics for people to iron on. 
We also made all types of images on Microsoft Publisher and printed them on transfer paper from Joann Fabrics. We bought puffy paint for people to write on the fabric as well. 
This was the hardest because it took forever for the paint to dry, something we over looked. 
But this was a HIT. Everyone loved it. It gave the guests something to do while Lindsay opened her gifts.
 photo DSC02289_zps04da3923.jpg  photo DSC02290_zps8aa2a1fe.jpg 

A cute onesies that were made
 photo 946838_10104702987347544_1681666334_n_zps11cefbb7.jpg  

Snack & dessert table. We made a lot of desserts but a lot of guests decided to bring there own, which was really sweet and helpful! Which also saves money!! :)

We also made owl cupcakes.

Gifts really piled up!

At each of the seats we made up Wishes for Baby cards for guests to fill out. Then once you filled them out you would put them next to the chalk board. Lindsay said she picked up the chalk board for cheap at a yard sale and repainted the frame.


In front of each of the gift baskets we put little boxes because this was the grand prize. 
You were given little slips to fill out and put your name in the box. You were given three tickets to put in whatever gift basket you wanted most. 

Owls we made. 

   photo 1044878_10104702950491404_1583649690_n_zps530e5014.jpg

This was also made from branches from the woods and put in a pot and we made up these letters to put on the branches.

 photo 6982_10104702957866624_1032968045_n_zps4a5aa996.jpg
The beautiful Mommy. 

  It was such a successful baby shower, and I am so happy and SO proud of her.
Love you Lindsay! :)


Holly said...

That is adorable! And a totally usable theme for any gender- I love it!

Schnelle said...

What a cute theme! Of course I'm partial bc my baby shower was pink winter owls! You did a beautiful job. I love the onsie station idea.