Sunday, June 7, 2009

Atlantic City trip/Lush Haul/Shopping haul

Hello girls!!! How I missed everyone!!! 50+ followers, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me.. I just wanted to say thank you for the girls that read my blog, I really appreciate it. I really met some nice and sweet girls :)

So like I said I will be holding a contest for my followers as well as my subscribers on my YouTube account. I will announce the contest and what it will consist of when I get everything together. It'll be announced on my blog as well as on YouTube. So look for that in a few short days! :) The prizes will be awesome, I want to include Lush products, as well as make up products, and even some fun accessories!! Also, depending on how many entries I get I would like to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, but that all depends on how many people enter!!

Anyway, I'm back from the beach, unfortunately not any tanner than when I left :( We only had one nice day and that was when we got down there the rest of the days it rained. Unfortunately I couldn't take good pictures of Atlantic City because of the rain, and we stayed inside for the most part, which is a pooper, but maybe next time! But here are a few pictures from what I could get from our little get-away...

Outfit for going away:

Bebe purse/Victoria Secrets tube top dress/Chinese laundry belt/Forever 21 sunglasses/Guess flip flops



My love in our hotel Hilton suite


Me and the boyfriend


I was so excited to see jets in the bubble bath, I made him take a picture of me in it... one day I will have them



Our view from our suite


Me, the beach, and my Juicy Couture bikini... ahhh it's love


Some kind lady took this for us


Inside the Pier Mall a store called Sugar


Me taking a bubble bath with the Lush products... omg this is amazing!! I will be giving away one of these bath bombs...


And this is some stuff I hauled while I was down there...


My new Juicy Couture charm, popsicle MmmMmMm


Guess's clearance is 50% off the lowest ticket, so I scored this wallet for $12.49!! I needed a new one


Lotsa room


Lush Haul


One or both will be included in my give-a-way


Two dresses I picked up


Bath and Body works is having their semi-annual sale... I got most of the sweet pea scented stuff for 75% off. They're doing away with this look, the guy said their going for a higher-end look... does it really matter when it's sitting in your room? "Oh you have the old-look Sweet Pea?... Scum" lol No one knows when it's sitting in your room. So I got most $2-$4 :)


Look for my contest in a few days when I get the details worked out... I'll do a video and a blog entry for it...

Love you girls!! <3


Angela Pluck said...

Super cute! Looks like you two had a good time. ^_^. I really like your Juicy Couture's really adorable. xoxo

Unknown said...


Amy said...

i'm going to have to check out that Bath & Body Works sale!

Rai said...

I can't wait until the contest!

That really sucks about the weather. You looked super cute in the first picture.
I'm completely in love with that bag!!

Hotel looks really nice.
lol @ the bubble picture.
That's a good deal on the Guess Wallet. Love the haul.

I need to try Lush products one of these days.

KRYSTAL said...

wow love the haul girl! and lovely pics, cant wait to hear more about your contest!

*~kAy~* said...

Your dress is so pretty! <3 Sorry to hear that it rained :( but at least you got a nice suite and the bubble bath looked so relaxing! :P

nice haul! It was fun to look at all the fun stuff you got :)

I can't wait for your contest! <3 I'll definitely have to join :)

stellarvixen said...

fantastic getaway! luv all your pics rooms, beach, foam :P, HAULS..the yellow bebe handbag looked ever soo delicious!

wow lush bubble foam bomb is amazing!
OMG Popsicle juicy charms are so sweet!

lastly thanks for the congrats wishes *hugs
i wanna join your contest lol!

mszcheysser said...

Woo! A contest is coming up, yaaaay!

Wow! Great job in finding that guess's wallet. I want a new wallet too :(( Hahaha. And the suite looks niiiiiiiiice ;)

OH YEAH, You won my giveaway. Please send me your mailing address at Just to let you know, it might take a while to ship since it's coming all the way from Guam. Thanks!

lindah said...

umm I think you changed your url! LOL I was trying to go comment on the new post but I was like "omggg?! It's not working!" I'll check back for your contest but you're gonna have to do a self judging :P I don't really have many followers to tell to go vote for me LOL! Don't worry about prizes, I'll just join regardless :) Great haul though!

noone said...

hehe I love lush.. and those juicy charms are adorable! Love it <3