Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello girls!! I did my video this morning and have all the details in my video about the rules and stuff.... Quick note, I changed my url... instead of it's now, (Explained in my video)

So here's the video

Ok written rules:

#1: Must be a follower to my blog

#2: Entry must be in by June 29th, giving you 3 weeks from today to enter..

#3: You must post my announcement in your blog to be entered in, just make a link in your blog stating I'm having a contest. This gives more people to be able to enter and also always me to give away MORE goodies. If I have enough entries I will do 1st, 2nd AND 3rd places...

#4: Actual contest is a Day to Night outfit and/or makeup look... try to make it as simple as possible... Work friendly to a night out on the town friendly... more effort is more consideration! But try to make it as simple as possible... I'm not looking for something over-the-top... but if you do it's still good too!! ALSO NOT STATED IN MY VIDEO YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE WORK FRIENDLY LOOK AND THEN A PICTURE OF THE NIGHT OUT LOOK...Any questions please comment... There's even an example in my YouTube video... You don't have to do BOTH you could do one or the other(make up/outfit) You can do just the make up or you can do just the outfit. But if you do both, more consideration... :)

#5: If you're doing the makeup look alone please list products you used, this will help my readers if they like your look see what you used...

#6: Leave me a comment or video response telling me you entered!!!

#7: I will be the judge, I'm not doing a poll or anything like that, I have my reasons, and I'll keep it at that...

Now onto the PRIZES!! As of right now here's a list of the prizes for 1st place:

Victoria Beckhams book

Lush's Bath Bomb in THINK PINK BATH BOMB

Lush's Bubble Bar in FROSTY GLITTER


NYX False Lashes(not this particular style, I'll choose one)

Other makeup... and a necklace or headband from a store called Temptation.. when I get all the prizes in order I will list everything... But those are all the prizes for FIRST PLACE!!! So please please please Enter!!!

Love you girls!!



Unknown said...

I'll def. be entering I have a make up look in mine I just need to think of an outfit....FUN contest :)

KT Nielsen said...

My brain is now actively thinking on what outfit to wear and what make-up look to paint on my face. I'll post my entry soon...I love lash and the massage bars are just heavenly...

Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl~
Those are awesome prizes. =)
I will try to enter your contest because I get to play dress up. hehe. I also have a contest going on. Would be great if you'll enter. =)

I luv your whole outfit in your previous post and the yellow bag adds the color for summer. =)

Rai said...

Oooh I like this idea!!
I'll be sure to enter. =D

noone said...

oooh interesting! I'll see what I can come up with :)

lindah said...

I'll enter :D For some reason I'm not getting your feed :( I think I know how to fix it!

*~kAy~* said...

sounds fun! :)
pretty fun theme too <3

thnx for ur comment <3 I will try to make a review on the mascara just for u! :P

KRYSTAL said...

ooOO i will definately be entering! such great prizes!! =D

Angela Pluck said...

Looks fun baby! :D Yeah I was tripping out on how I missed your posts. But now I found you...yaaay :)

Aline said...

I seriously love that book!

- - aika - - said...

me too :D im in :D well if i have time :D

noone said...

ohhh yes I will do it this week/weekend!!!

Sherry said...

this sound fun!

Sherry said...

follow your blog, also posted the contest and entry

hope its qualified.

A said...

I really want to enter but I do not have a full length mirror to take good photos of my clothes nor do I feel confident showing my face at the moment. Would you mind if I layed it all out on my bed and took pictures and listed everything?

Ta x

A said...

All done!! I went a little crazy and did a lot more than you really needed but it was such a fun contest!

Hope you like it! :)

Sarah xox

Photography by Kiersten Guerrero said...

I'm definately entering! Expect my entry tomorrow!! :] As for now I am doing the blog-portion as we speak!!

KRYSTAL said...

my entry! =]

Rai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rai said...

Hey! This is my contest entry:

vanilla said...

hallooo !
i already follow u and here is my entry hunney !

thanks for holding such a nice contest ,i had so much fun doing it !hahahaa

Courtney said...

here is my entry.
hopefully i'm not too late.

thanks for the contest. :]

Sugar said...

Here is my entry. I hope I am not too late :)

Saimese said...

Hey Vanessa,

Hope you had a great mini vacation :)

First of all, love the Lush goodies. They look so cute! & I'm drooling over the heels that V.Beckham is wearing on the cover of that book.. gorgeous!

Thanks for extending the date of the contest. I'm one of those last minute people hehe. I posted about your contest on the Contests & Giveaways page on my blog a while back because I post other contests & giveaways going on, on that page as well so that all my readers can enter! I've received comments & e-mails from people saying they actually visit that page to see which contests are going on.
The link to the Contests & Giveaways page is easily accessible on my blog because I have a link to it on the header & in the sidebar, so I hope it's okay that I posted the link to your contest announcement there.

& finally, here's the link to my contest entry:

Hope you like it :) Can't wait to see all the other entries as well!

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